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Maker Faire Africa hits Lagos

Maker Faire Africa is making its way to the bustling city of Lagos on 5-6 November 2012. The innovation fair which is an annual pan-African innovation showcase of handicrafts that in its words "hail from Africa's tiniest villages to its most expensive urban burgs" will comprise two days of exhibits, performances and workshops that celebrate African ingenuity, innovation and creativity.
According to Maker Faire Africa [MFA]: "As was the case in Accra ('09),Nairobi ('10) and Cairo ('11) MFA 2012 will present and spotlight the vibrant and endlessly creative individuals that have come to represent the spirit of 'making' throughout the continent.

These innovators, artists and tinkerers will be exhibiting a fusion of the informal and formal; ideas, inventions, hacks and designs both low-tech and high-tech. From cuisine to machines, come see their re-imagining of products, exploration of novel materials, and original solutions for some of the continent's most important challenges and opportunities.

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