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BBC's ‘What's Up Africa' is back

A new series of ‘What's Up Africa' launches this week and will broadcast daily on BBC World News with the latest news across the continent in an off-beat tone with critically acclaimed Nigerian-born vlogger, Ikenna Azuike.
Ikenna Azuike
What’s Up Africa features on the BBC World News’ daily African news programme, Focus on Africa, with a weekly round-up of the highlights broadcast every Friday.

Unravelling complex issues with laughter - nobody and nothing is safe from Azuike’s fun-poking. From cults to corruption and chart-toppers to chiefs, he finds the funny side of stories from across the continent for the popular satirical news segment.

What’s Up Africa has built up quite a following over the past five series, and I think that’s because there are no taboo topics on this show,” said Azuike. “Humour can break down barriers and so the show is able to tackle issues across the continent head on.”

The 90-second episode of What’s Up Africa will broadcast every Friday with a round-up of the latest news from across the continent. Catch it on Focus on Africa from 17:30 GMT on BBC World News and on the BBC’s partner stations: Canal 2 in Cameroon; Metro TV in Ghana; Power TV in Liberia; MBC in Malawi; One Africa Television in Namibia; SBC in Somalia, SBLC in Sierra Leone, Star TV in Tanzania; Urban TV and TV West in Uganda; and ZNBC in Zambia.

What’s Up Africa, produced by Jollof Rice Productions, will air from September 8.