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Advertise on Bizcommunity's pan-Africanism integration through segregation, an online community of Africans at home and in diaspora, has recently been rebuilt to further bridge the gap between individual African nations and Africans abroad, whether African American, black British or African Latino. The new tools, content and forums are designed to bring the community even closer together.
The team has formed a new approach to 'bridging the gap' between the different factions of Africans. They call it "Integration through segregation". After testing several ways of creating a truly pan-African site, they are confident with the results.

"Extensive tests have shown that to become relevant in all the regions we hope to attract, we need to have a degree of segregation within the site for users of that region. We are currently deploying for Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, UK and the USA," answered Nnamdi Ogbechie, spokesperson for, when asked about how the system worked.

Many new features have been added to the social network, including expanded forum discussions covering a wide range of topics, an African video sharing platform for videos from the African continent. One can find the latest music videos, as well as 'long lost' videos, on the site.

"The community has really been great in helping develop the site. Everyone has been really receptive and have offered help on growing the site. The new design gives our users a better experience overall," says Ogbechie. has become a community locus for knowledge, delivering news and opinions on the latest trends, events, news and multimedia in Africa.

Published courtesy of PRWeb