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10 simple ways to grow your Facebook Page

You've finally decided to enter the social media fray and create a Facebook Page for your brand. Fantastic! Since you're fairly web-savvy and it's about as complicated as a monochrome Rubik's Cube, you decide you don't need a social media guru to do it, confident Facebook's simple user interface will guide you through the process.
After a few mouse-clicks, there stands your brand-spanking new fanpage, with one fan - yourself. Lonely, isn't it? Here then are 10 easy ways to grow your fanpage as organically as possible:

1. Suggest to Friends

Just below your fanpage picture you'll find a link that says "Suggest to Friends". This allows you to invite all of your friends on Facebook. Unfortunately, in the "Suggest to Friends" window Facebook hasn't allowed a "Select All" feature. This is because the social network giant is trying to limit spamming and hopes that you will only select people that would have an interest in joining. Inviting all your friends is therefore a bit of a "click, click, scroll, click, click" mission, but it is worth it.

It needn't stop there though - and this is the continuous tightrope you'll be treading between spamming bastard and Facebook friend - because you need to encourage your friends to invite all of their friends. Don't be too pushy though, a friendly request will do from time-to-time.

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