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LC2-AFNEX clarifies TV, radio rights for Orange AFCON 2013

In order to avoid any misinformation campaign or polemics, LC2 wishes to clarify the situation of TV and Radio broadcasting rights of Orange AFCON South Africa 2013 for the territories of Cape Verde, Ethiopia and Zambia.
These rights are owned by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and have been granted, through a license, LC2 Media - AFNEX, in exclusivity, for television and radio broadcasting "via Terrestrial TV and satellite, by free TV", in every language and especially on Nigerian territory. These television and radio rights are commercialised by CCFOOT Ltd located in Geneva, Switzerland.

In accordance with its letter of relaunch of 7 November 2012 to each of these three countries, LC2 recalls that the validity of its offers expired on 30 November 2012.

Only television stations and media having purchased sublicense television and radio rights to CCFOOT Ltd will be legally allowed to broadcast on the territories of Cape Verde, Ethiopia and Zambia Orange AFCON South Africa 2013, provided by the AFNEX Network "via Terrestrial TV and satellite, by free TV".

All other TV and Radio broadcasts of the tournament under these conditions and without prior written authorisation of CCFOOT will constitute an act of piracy, leading to systematic and immediate prosecution by LC2 - AFNEX / CCFOOT, before the appropriate courts and authorities, without prejudice of all other legal action, might those measures be provisional.

A reminder that all acts of piracy (marketing or audiovisual) infringe on the CAF and CAF licensee's rights equally. Acts of piracy weaken the sporting event and its organiser and therefore puts at a great risk Africa's sport economics.