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APO moves HQ to Senegal

The African Press Organisation (APO) announced on Monday, 19 July 2010, the signing of a Headquarters Agreement with Senegal. The agreement marks the official transfer of APO's headquarters from Lausanne, Switzerland to Dakar, Senegal.
The agreement was signed in Dakar by Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard, APO's Franco-Gabonese general secretary, and Madicke Niang, Senegal's foreign minister, during a ceremony which took place in Senegal's Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

APO to launch free services for journos

"Several professionals will be hired within the framework of the implementation of APO's headquarters in Dakar. In the next eighteen month, APO will launch two more free services intended for African journalists, as well as a free web conferencing solution dedicated to African journalists," says Pompigne-Mognard, specifying that APO's current headquarters, located in Lausanne, will be converted to a regional office for Europe.

The legal situation of the headquarters of an international organisation and its various installations is defined by a convention known as a "Headquarters Agreement" between the organisation and the host state. Such an agreement sets out the organisation's rights as recognised by the host state, particularly with regard to the extent of the organisation's right to adopt its own regulations and rules for application within its installations, and the privileges and immunities which the host country grants the organisation to enable it to fulfill its mission.