AIMS launches Africa's first masters in machine intelligence

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) launched its first-ever African Masters in Machine Intelligence at its AIMS Rwanda Campus...

17 Oct 2018

#FairnessFirst: How sending girls to school changes the economy

Ever thought the answer to breaking the country's poverty cycle was as simple as improving basic education for females? Economist Dr Dawie Roodt explained the implications at last week's Ads24 Food for thought session...

By Leigh Andrews 15 Oct 2018

How to future-proof Africa

Solutions to problems often require a change in behaviour, which in turn leads to other inventions. The result is a wheel that is spinning faster and faster, and one that is creating anxiety - more recently about jobs...

By Danette Breitenbach 21 Sep 2018

Give your brand the space to grow on Bizcommunity

Give your brand the space to blossom on the biggest B2B website, catering to 18 professional industry sectors and niche audiences across Africa...

Issued by 14 Sep 2018

'Farm-to-school' movement takes root in Canada

Farm-to-school programs aim to bring healthy, local food into schools, foster food literacy and enhance community connectedness...

5 Sep 2018

How to leapfrog your industry's disruption and future-proof Africa

Mann Made recently disrupted themselves before anyone else could with a rebrand. Here's how what started out as a wedding video company by three brothers in 2000 has transformed into a storytelling, forward-thinking, 65-employee strong experiential brand agency that hosts the SingularityU SA Summit...

By Leigh Andrews 4 Sep 2018

SA's Snapplify partners Econet for zero-rated e-books

South African edtech startup Snapplify has partnered Econet to make 240,000 e-books and educational resources available to readers around Africa at no data cost...

By Gabriella Mulligan 4 Sep 2018

African startups go beyond "find a tutor" model to improve educational outcomes

Ed-tech startups connecting learners with tutors are increasingly prevalent across Africa, but these platforms are adding additional components to their models to increase impact.

By Tom Jackson 4 Sep 2018

Education and technology are key to bettering lives of rural women

Women have a significant role to play in alleviating poverty and providing stability for their children. To turn the tide of poverty, these women need to be empowered. Educating them from a young age will empower and arm them with the ability to transform their lives economically as well as socially...

By Vimala Ariyan 30 Aug 2018

The time is now for South Africans to upskill for the digital economy

"South Africa must start to look at how best to skill the nation to adapt to a digital economy. Many jobs can be created with the increase in automation and creating the right skills for Industry 4.0 is critical."

30 Aug 2018

Learning and development of the future is being ubered

When it comes to learning and development, digitisation and tech-enabled learning are transforming the role L&D plays in the organisation. It's not only technology making waves, evolving human resources present some interesting disruptions of their own...

By Helen Nicholson 29 Aug 2018

Technology in education

If we truly want to achieve successful outcomes with the use of technology in the classroom, we need to understand what outcomes we want, and then work our way back from that...

By Alan Goldberg 29 Aug 2018

QR codes are providing innovative learning solutions for learners in SA

The QR code - known as Bubbles - makes it possible to link to short, interactive modules that help learners gain a deeper understanding of the material through audio-visual snippets...

28 Aug 2018

SAPICS to celebrate supply chain education in Southern Africa

SAPICS - The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management - will be hosting its annual Supply Chain Management Education Excellence Awards in Johannesburg on the 8 November 2018. These awards recognise and reward excellence in supply chain management education...

27 Aug 2018

Scooler calls learners to enter entrepreneurial business ideas

Students in Grade 8 to Grade 12 can enter their existing money-making venture, hobby or business...

24 Aug 2018

Uber Innovation Masterclass steers SA disadvantaged youth into leadership

The Masterclasses aimed at connecting the youth to career advice and opportunities and with this year's theme solely focusing on Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field...

23 Aug 2018

New database puts African education research at the heart of policy and practice

There is growing recognition of the quality of research in developing countries and its importance for policy and practice...

By Rafael Mitchell, Pauline Rose, Samuel Asare 23 Aug 2018

Story Bosso inspires creative storytelling development

This literacy and heritage month, Nal'ibali - the national reading-for-enjoyment campaign - in collaboration with the South African office of the United Nations, will be using its annual multilingual storytelling contest, Story Bosso, to nurture a new generation of courageous and literate children...

22 Aug 2018

How upskilling employees can help SA corporates in the future

With constant developments in technology and how organisations are harnessing new skills, has meant that professionals will need to upskill to keep up with this rapidly changing workplace...

21 Aug 2018

Lagos Digital Academy to empower entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Lagos Digital Academy (LDA) has unveiled an academy that aims to enable Nigerians to take advantage of the opportunities available in the digital market space...

21 Aug 2018

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