Richard Gray

CEO of Harcourts Real Estate South Africa
Location:South Africa


Richard Gray is CEO of Harcourts Real Estate South Africa. He joined the group in September 2010. Gray brings extensive experience in IT, project management, corporate operations and financial services provision, having been CEO of mortgage originator Bond Choice, to the table. He believes that the key to the group's prospects are the strong brand, industry-leading value proposition, talented people, and the benefits of being part of a powerful international real estate group.
Technology, research data forcing real estate innovation

Analysing property trends in South Africa based on recent barometers and research documents, there are varied reasons and opinions explaining why certain markets are under pressure and others are thriving. ..

By Richard Gray 25 Nov 2019

Expect more property developments in 2019

During 2018 the South African property market was under immense pressure. We saw many agents having to reinvent their strategies...

By Richard Gray 22 Jan 2019

The for-sale sign, does it still work?

We get a lot of enquiries, both internally and externally, about the validity of the for-sale sign...

By Richard Gray 18 Aug 2017

The age of information is a real estate opportunity

Modern times are evolving so rapidly that businesses and individuals alike are having to continuously analyse their practices and strategies to ensure they stay ahead of the game...

By Richard Gray 2 Jun 2017

Innovative South African real estate technology

Global real estate innovation has never evolved as rapidly as it has in recent years...

By Richard Gray 18 Apr 2017

Residential transactions: a turnaround in sight?

The property industry weathered a very difficult year in 2016. Declining sales have mauled the industry, hitting agents and homeowners alike. But there may be some good news on the horizon...

By Richard Gray 22 Mar 2017

What does #Budget2017 mean for property?

The 2017 Budget will add to the financial difficulties facing South African households. Tough times lie ahead, but they may prove to be a necessary step in addressing our fiscal difficulties...

By Richard Gray 24 Feb 2017

Tough times for real estate – but does the future look brighter?

Recent data on South Africa's residential mortgage market paints a bleak picture of the housing market. But beneath the concern, there are indications that a turnaround may be in sight...

By Richard Gray 23 Feb 2017

Insuring your property

For most of us, our homes are the largest and most valuable assets we will ever have. That it might be damaged or destroyed is an inevitable risk, and one that we need to guard against. For this reason, getting the right insurance is a facet of the property business than can never be overemphasised...

By Richard Gray 17 Feb 2017

Size does matter in the residential property market

Smaller-sized properties are out-performing their larger counterparts in the SA property market...

By Richard Gray 22 Dec 2016

An opportunity for momentum?

Over the last two weeks, South Africa has undergone a second round of ratings reviews for the year...

By Richard Gray 6 Dec 2016

Sectional titles still going strong

Data released by FNB in its latest Property Barometer explains that the volume and value of sectional title transactions have significantly increased since 2010...

By Richard Gray 24 Nov 2016

Construction suggests property resilience

Newly released data, outlining the dynamics of South Africa's construction industry, provides an informative perspective of the real estate chain through tough economic times - and also indications of optimism and resilience...

By Richard Gray 28 Oct 2016

Employment data signals tough times

South Africa's economy continues to shed jobs, placing its workforce under considerable pressure. This will inevitably introduce additional strains into the country's property markets...

By Richard Gray 24 Oct 2016

Fencing in your property's value

Security is a foremost concern for many if not most homeowners in South Africa today. Fences and walls surrounding properties have become a common feature today. What do they mean for a property's value and saleability?

By Richard Gray 30 Sep 2016

Fewer foreigners buying in South Africa

Fewer foreign buyers are investing in homes in South Africa. While this has little noticeable impact domestically, it underlines the tough conditions confronting the property market...

By Richard Gray 17 Aug 2016

Green buildings catching on in South Africa

South Africans are increasingly opting for green property solutions in both their residential and commercial investments...

By Richard Gray 11 Aug 2016

Fuel price decrease will impact rental property market

The drop in fuel prices set to happen this coming Wednesday is a welcome relief for many cash strapped consumers and businesses...

By Richard Gray 1 Aug 2016

Local property market takes strain - light at the end of the tunnel

International economic turmoil, Southern African economic uncertainty, and local market fluctuations are influencing home owners' willingness to sell...

By Richard Gray 13 Jul 2016

Responding to the economic climate, investments

South Africa's economy has dodged a few serious bullets these past few weeks with financial ratings agencies Moody's and Fitch deciding against downgrading us to junk status...

By Richard Gray 15 Jun 2016

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