Dr Andrew Golding

Chief Executive at Pam Golding Properties
Location:South Africa


Dr Andrew Golding, chief executive of the Pam Golding Property group, was originally in private practice as a General Practitioner on the Atlantic Seaboard from 1991 to 1996, after which he joined the family business as MD in 1996, followed by his present position.
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Moody's downgrade: Room for further interest rate cuts

While anticipated, South Africa's downgrade to junk status by Moody's rating agency will be a further blow to the already weakened economy...

By Dr Andrew Golding 3 hours ago

Increased confidence in property expected as stock markets show extreme volatility

From a residential property market perspective, historically, recent international experience reveals that global economic shocks of this nature inevitably cause property transactions to taper off...

By Dr Andrew Golding 25 Mar 2020

#Budget2020: Adjustment in transfer duty threshold a welcome move

Apart from the tax reprieve announced by finance minister Tito Mboweni in the National Budget, good news for the property market is the adjustment of the threshold for transfer duty...

By Dr Andrew Golding 27 Feb 2020

Contained inflation made the case for an easing in the repo rate

With limited, modest growth anticipated for the year ahead, it is encouraging that the Monetary Policy Committee saw fit to reduce the repo rate by 25bps in order to help kickstart the economy and foster increased confidence among consumers who are feeling the pressure of ever-rising costs...

By Dr Andrew Golding 17 Jan 2020

2020 vision: Outlook and trends in the residential property market

Following another year of tepid economic growth, and with the latest round of load shedding further dampening the economy and expected to result in a Moody's downgrade early next year, where does that leave South Africa's residential property market?

By Dr Andrew Golding 12 Dec 2019

MPC decision on repo rate anticipated but disappointing

Against the backdrop of a persistently sluggish economy, subdued market confidence and lower-than-expected inflation, but with an eye on future inflationary impacts, global economic headwinds and the prospect of a Moody's downgrade, the Monetary Policy Committee's decision to hold the repo rate steady was anticipated...

By Dr Andrew Golding 22 Nov 2019

Time to buy is certainly now

Yesterday's repo rate reduction of 25bps (to 6.5%), coupled with early indicators of recovery in the South African residential property market, augur well for the balance of the year...

By Dr Andrew Golding 19 Jul 2019

Promising signs for an uptick in activity in SA's housing market

As anticipated, the MPC kept the repo rate steady, taking a conservative approach against the backdrop of rising fuel prices, and with a wary eye on CPI inflation...

By Dr Andrew Golding 24 May 2019

Stable repo rate underpins ongoing resilience of residential property market

With inflation currently below the mid-point of the Reserve Bank's inflation target and economic growth remaining sluggish, the Monetary Policy Committee kept the repo rate steady at 6.75%, as expected...

By Dr Andrew Golding 29 Mar 2019

#BudgetSpeech2019: No quick fix for SA's Budget, but there's some hope

In what was arguably one of the most closely watched National Budget speeches in recent years, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni outlined government's plan to boost growth...

By Dr Andrew Golding 21 Feb 2019

Mboweni's Budget must source maximum revenue, restore confidence

With the National Budget Speech looming on 20 February 2019, the general consensus appears to be that Finance Minister Tito Mboweni is on a tightrope of sorts...

By Dr Andrew Golding 12 Feb 2019

Unchanged repo rate positive, while buyers gradually return to the market

After an unexpectedly tough 2018, but with the welcome announcement that the repo rate remains unchanged following this first MPC meeting of the year, the outlook for 2019 is somewhat brighter...

By Dr Andrew Golding 18 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: 10 new and emerging trends in the residential property market

These 10 new or increasing trends are expected to impact on the market in 2019...

By Dr Andrew Golding 7 Jan 2019

2018 ending on a more positive note

News that South Africa's GDP increased by 2.2% in Q3, with fuel prices considerably reduced and the end of the technical recession, has ended the year (2018) on a more positive note...

By Dr Andrew Golding 12 Dec 2018

Interest rate hike a disappointing decision at this juncture of the year

While many market commentators would probably have liked to be a fly on the wall during the Monetary Policy Committee's earnest deliberations this week, the final outcome is what matters...

By Dr Andrew Golding 23 Nov 2018

Digital disruption and the role of the real estate agent

There's no question that technology is going to play an ever-increasing role in the residential real estate world...

By Dr Andrew Golding 31 Oct 2018

MTBPS should inspire economic and investor confidence

Straight-talking as expected, the minister of finance's medium-term budget policy statement sought to inspire investor and market confidence...

By Dr Andrew Golding 25 Oct 2018

SA needs an injection of confidence to stimulate the economy

With inflation still within the target range, but with concerns following a round of fuel price increases and other potential inflationary impacts, the Monetary Policy Committee has kept the repo rate unchanged...

By Dr Andrew Golding 20 Jul 2018

Rate cut a further boost for market sentiment

The recent announcement of an interest rate cut of 25bps, coupled with Moody's decision to not only leave South Africa's credit rating unchanged...

By Dr Andrew Golding 29 Mar 2018

Stable start to 2018 with no change in repo rate

It was a stable start to the New Year with the Reserve Bank on Thursday, 18 January, announcing no change in the repo rate...

By Dr Andrew Golding 18 Jan 2018

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