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Big Wednesday's inventive Marmite campaign trends on Twitter SA

Big Wednesday, the ATL division within Machine, recently launched their viral Marmite campaign which immediately trended on Twitter SA and increased traffic to the website.

The word of mouth campaign was engineered to get South Africa's youth to engage with, and speak about, the iconic Marmite brand. It poses the question "If mother didn't tell you about MARMITE, what else didn't she tell you?" and features a collection of pop culture icons and information mother probably kept you in the dark about.

Ten top Influential local bloggers were also listed as things your mother probably didn't tell you about. As part of the campaign each of them were sent a stand out, design-led and personalised gift package which was designed to appear like a Marmite label, but was inspired by the look and feel of each blog, using their individualised colours, graphics and content. The pack consisted of a jar of black ink, an ink dip pen, a laser-engraved Moleskine notebook with handwritten introduction, customized stickers and t-shirt, all which linked back to the website through respective hash tag numbers.

The result of the campaign was a tsunami of tweets by the bloggers who were suitably impressed by the handcrafted Marmite gifts and associated messaging. Most of the bloggers also posted the Marmite campaign on their blogs, accompanied by images of their bespoke Marmite gift.

"We're incredibly happy with the campaign's success so far," says Jake Bester, group creative director at Big Wednesday, "Not only did we trend high up on Twitter, but traffic to the Marmite site increased by more than 20%. Thanks go to everybody who made it happen and those who gave such positive feedback about the work," says Jake Bester, group creative director at Machine.

To view the finely crafted Marmite packs and the engaging content mother 'probably didn't tell you about', go to

13 Jun 2012 11:18