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Domino partners with iconic lovebrand, Marmite

Domino, the social media specialists, have successfully partnered with Marmite and integrated agency Big Wednesday to ensure this iconic brand remains in touch and engaged with South African consumers.
Domino partners with iconic lovebrand, Marmite

"Marmite is a great brand to leverage off Facebook because it not only gives the brand a forum to engage, reward and excite local consumers with entertaining content, it also provides a way to intensify the relationship between Marmite and its target market," says Alice Jakins, social media strategist at Domino.

The key to the success of Marmite's fan page, according to Jakins, is great content. "The News Feed (or Wall) is the Holy Grail for brands; it is where a brand delivers key messaging, engages, entertains and informs their fans'. She emphasizes though that the starting point for hard working, optimized content is to have a content strategy in place before initiating any communication on any social media platform, 'A content strategy ensures that all communication is in line with the brand tone and serves the purpose of organising and maintaining the flow of all posts."

The Marmite Facebook page doesn't bombard fans with advertising, it posts feeds which are of interest. It hosts competitions for fans to win iconic Marmite branded goods and entertains them with quirky Marmite trivia and recipes. "We know the content is working because it is being shared, which produces the knock on effect of social advocacy, the all-important word of mouth recommendation," says Jakins.

It appears that local Marmite fans are as willing to engage with the brand as international fans are. "Local Marmite fans have something to say, and they love, love, love to engage with the brand," says Jakins. "Not only are they engaging with the content which Domino is posting, they are entering the competitions and proactively posting and sharing their own Marmite recipes, photos, tips and interesting facts."

Domino, together with Big Wednesday, has succeeded in developing a social media platform for local Marmite fans to share their passion and feelings for this lovemark brand. These fans want to be involved with their brand, to be given insight and access to new developments or variants and Marmite wants to be part of this conversation. All of this is what builds emotional attachment and positive sentiment towards the Marmite brand.

23 May 2011 09:36