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Domino elevates Chrysler Jeep's social standing

Chrysler South Africa contracted Domino, the social media specialists, to execute a social media campaign which would increase awareness and social advocacy for the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, as well as promote test bookings, and conduct market research on what car colours their consumers preferred.

Domino conceptualised a campaign with a combination of customized interactive Facebook TAB's and advertising in order to achieve the client objectives. The 'Which colour works for you?' TAB was inserted onto the Chrysler Jeep South Africa's (Jeep SA) Facebook Profile page, and later the "Book a test drive" TAB was incorporated. This was supported by Facebook advertising (Event, Poll and Video ads) and engaging Content (wall posts) which was engineered to elicit a response from the fans.

The result of the campaign was a resounding success, not only did the brand's Facebook fan base grow by an impressive 2800% in the short space of three months, activity on the page amplified too - wall post views increased from 319 posts/month (April to Dec 2010) to 113,168/month (Dec 2010 to Feb 2011).

More importantly, Jeep SA were given insight into the minds of their consumers, enabling Jeep SA to better understand their needs, and ultimately involve them in future product development.

Alice Jakins, Client Account Director at Domino, elaborated on the campaign success, "Car brands have relatively large and passionate fan bases which are ideal for a social media campaign. Consumers want to be part of a brand they love, they want to know who runs the company and they want to be able to engage with that team. Domino has assisted Jeep SA not only in building awareness of their new Jeep Grand Cherokee, they have also bought together a large database of consumers who are willing to engage, learn and ultimately share information about Jeep SA."

Bert Mauch, Manager Chrysler Digital Marketing Services, is now convinced of potency of social media, "Thanks to Domino, Jeep's Facebook penetration has grown beyond our expectations. We are now convinced that Facebook is equally important to our website, with a different message and approach of course."

13 May 2011 11:43