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Adrian Hewlett wins coveted Greatest Individual Contribution to Digital Media & Marketing award

The Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) is proud to announce that their outgoing Chairperson of three years, Adrian Hewlett, was announced as the winner of The Greatest Individual Contribution to Digital Media & Marketing award at the annual Bookmarks awards held on Thursday, 18 November.
Adrian with his well deserved award
Adrian with his well deserved award

The award was judged by a panel of leading online publishers and advertising agencies and chaired by Jack Kruger, Head of Digital for Old Mutual.

Adrian Hewlett, who is the founder and Managing Director of the Habari Group, Africa's leading digital sales house and below the line promotions agency, has been widely credited with facilitating significant growth within the digital industry through his excellent leadership of the Digital Media and Marketing Association. Not only was Hewlett instrumental in setting up the Bookmarks Awards in 2008, but he was also jointly responsible for broadening the association's scope and member base (under his leadership the association grew its membership from 35 to 108), as well as its evolution from the Online Publishers Association into the DMMA, an association which is now equally representative of publishers, media and creative agencies as well as digital development agencies.

Nikki Cockcroft, Deputy Chair of the DMMA and Chairperson of the Bookmarks, has served with Hewlett for the past two years. "Adrian has made a significant contribution to the South African digital industry, not only by promoting engagement between mutually dependent parties within the digital landscape, but also by tirelessly promoting the digital medium to external stakeholders. He is a well deserved recipient of this award."

25 Nov 2010 06:07