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IAB South Africa Digital Skills Gap Survey

The IAB SA, in partnership with the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, is appealing to digital marketing professionals to take part in their annual Digital Marketing Skills Gap Survey. Compiled of interviews and surveys from digital marketers across multiple industries and sectors, the findings aim to present a comprehensive view of the digital marketing skills gaps across the country. Input from digital marketers throughout South Africa is crucial for the evolution and growth of the profession in the face of unprecedented times.
IAB South Africa Digital Skills Gap Survey

Importantly, this information will inform the IAB South Africa Education Council in order to assist them in fulfilling their goal of enriching the lives of members and communities through educational initiatives, as well as the professional development and enhancement of digital marketing skills, knowledge, and diversity across the industry.

“The aim of the survey is to consolidate the views and needs of all stakeholders to inform current and future skills needs, to empower educational institutions, inform learners on career opportunities and skills evolution and ensure that businesses have access to a sufficient skills pool to thrive,” says Joey Khuvutlu, IAB SA Education Council Chair and MD of Hello Computer JHB.

“There have been a number of skills gap surveys that have been conducted by various institutions and organizations in the recent past, but what we found was that these surveys, while valuable, were targeted at a limited audience and as a result, providing a limited view of the actual skills gaps. As the IAB SA and through our member base, we have access to stakeholders across the digital marketing and advertising landscape, including brands and their marketing departments, agencies, publishers and educational institutions,” he adds.

The report will be compiled with the aim to:

  • Equip IAB members and the industry as a whole to prepare and educate their teams for the future (and new normal) by providing them with an in-depth understanding of the current skills and knowledge gaps in the SA digital marketing industry.

  • Enable educational institutions to better inform their offerings with the goal of ensuring learners are adequately equipped with the necessary skills and ensure that education and training offerings are valuable and relevant.

  • Inform IAB SA Education Hub content.

  • Guide future IAB SA digital marketing and advertising education programmes.

If you are a digital marketing professional or industry member, the IAB SA Skills Gap Survey requires your valuable input. All data will remain anonymous. The survey will run until 1 December, and can be accessed here: Please email ten.asbai@sllikslatigid if you have any questions.

About the IAB South Africa:

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is a non-profit, non-government industry body based in over 47 countries around the world with the collective vision to empower the media and marketing industry to thrive in a digital economy. We currently represent over 155 local members including online publishers, brands, and educational institutions, as well as creative, media and digital agencies. Our aim is to provide our members with a platform where they can engage and interact with each other and address digital issues of common interest, thereby stimulating learning and growth within the South African digital space. None of this would be possible without both your membership and your participation in our initiatives, platforms, partnerships and projects.

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4 Nov 2020 11:43