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The IAB SA Executive Board Member update is announced

The IAB SA is thrilled to announce the newly nominated IAB SA Executive Board Members, as part of the IAB SA's continuing journey to empower the media and marketing industry to thrive in the digital economy through our connected culture and access to experts and expertise, enabling you to make better digital decisions - and therefore better business decisions - with smart, actionable and motivating insights.

The IAB SA Executive Board provides an inclusive and industry representative organising structure that oversees the key objectives and deliverables of the South African body, alongside fiduciary and fiscal duties and assisting to set the overall strategy for the IAB SA alongside IAB SA CEO, Paula Hulley.

“The legacy of the IAB SA Board has set a strong platform for our new Executive Directors. In an increasingly complex consumer-led universe, the diversity of the expertise on board will bring invaluable insights and leadership to both our IAB SA members and the industryat-large. I am especially excited about the ambition and drive of our board members to strengthen current projects, as well as bring in bold new ideas to drive growth in our industry, our communities and our country. It is through our open-source culture and openness to collaborate, that we, as the IAB, are enabled to empower the media and marketing industry to thrive in a digital economy”.

The IAB SA is thrilled to announce the following industry leaders that have been voted on to our IAB SA Executive Board:

Haydn Townsend, Group CEO Wunderman Thompson
Avani Singh, Founder and Director Power Singh Attorneys
Fahmeeda Cassim-Surtee, CEO DSTV Media Sales
Charlene Beukes, GM

The newly updated IAB SA Executive Board meets in November 2019 to finalise both the 2020 Strategy in play, as well as vote in the new IAB SA Chair, as Chris Borain steps downs from the role after 3 years of dedicated service. Chris will remain on the board as a director and treasurer.

“We are motivated and propelled forward by the additional strength our new Directors bring to the table, as we bridge into our 2020 strategy to empower the media and marketing industry through our accessible thought leadership and diverse knowledge centres. Growth is simply not possible in silo’s. Our councils, committees and board, including just under 100 industry volunteers, are built to solve industry wide problems through diverse co-operation, collaboration and continuous learning in alignment with our strategy and constitution.” Chris Borain, current Chair IAB South Africa.

Current IAB SA Executive Board Directors joined by the four new directors above:

Chris Borain, AME and Current IAB SA Chair
Alistair Mokoena, CEO Ogilvy South Africa and IAB SA Vice Chair
Dr Oupa Monamodi, WPP Chair and IAB SA Head of Transformation and Education
Marc du Plessis, Group Executive: Digital Investments CTP

“The IAB SA is continuously evolving to better navigate both the opportunities and the
challenges the consumer and digital economy delivers on a daily basis. Our diverse and multifaceted board – across brand, agency, publisher and regulation representation, as well as via our global offices, bring the combined experience, expertise and understanding of the realities that marketers face and enable us to help our members and wider industry build brands and brand safe customer experiences that genuinely matter in the market place and in the lives of consumers.” Alistair Mokoena, Ogilvy South Africa CEO and IAB SA Vice Chair.

About the IAB South Africa: The Interactive Advertising Bureau is a non-government, non-profit industry bureau based in over 47 countries around the world, and collectively serves to empower the media & marketing industry to thrive in a digital economy. We do this through our connected culture and accessible access to experts and expertise, enabling you make better digital decisions with smart, motivating and actionable insights.

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31 Oct 2019 15:49