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Publicis Machine's 'leave no trace' approach to Sealand launch campaign resonates

When hot local upcycling brand Sealand wanted to use the opening of its new store to entrench the brand's philosophy of treading lightly on the planet, it turned to Publicis Machine to re-invent the traditional invitation.

The result is as graphically beautiful as the Sealand brand and the high-end design goods for which it has become famous, yet simultaneously as poignant as the brand’s ethos – prevent and minimize the negative impact of our consumerism on the planet by leaving no trace.

Publicis Machine's 'leave no trace' approach to Sealand launch campaign resonates

“People are becoming ever more loyal to brands that can offer them a quality product that doesn’t negatively impact the planet. This is the essence of what Sealand does and something we wanted to capture within our campaign idea. It wasn’t difficult as it resonates deeply with our business ethos of always doing the right thing,” says Publicis Machine Group Creative Director Brendan Hoffmann.

“We didn’t just want this to be an invitation. We wanted it to be a demonstration of Sealand’s principles. The brand is driven by sustainability on all fronts, with its current business model physically diverting approximately five tons of waste from landfill per year. Articulating the principles of the business in this way, we believed it would both entice people to come to the store opening and build awareness of who Sealand are,” says Hoffmann.

Sealand is a local Cape Town brand, brought to life by a duo of ocean-loving surfer creatives - Mike Schlebach and Jasper Eales, who live and breathe their brand’s sustainable living philosophy. Launched in 2015, the brand has made waves in design circles with its inspired and functional bags, accessories and apparel constructed from waste material such as old yacht sails, tents and advertising billboards.

“The long-term vision for the business is to substantially grow its upcycling capabilities to a point where it is turning hundreds of tons of waste materials into high quality products that are made so well they will never see a dumpsite,” says Eales.

The invitation is perfectly attuned to this ethos, resulting in no waste material destined for the landfill.

Created by French sand artist JBen, the beautifully produced video invite was e-mailed to Sealand’s select guest list, which included clients, celebrities, media and social influencers.

“This invitation is so understated, and yet speaks volumes about the values of the brand. Without a single word, it manages to encapsulate our ethos of leaving no trace on the planet, and our commitment to hand-crafted design,” says Eales.

“I love that it seamlessly blends human craft and technology, just as Sealand blends good design and utility. Moreover, I enjoy how the ebb and flow of the ocean tide restored the beach to its original beauty - to the enjoyment of the family who unexpectedly arrived on the beach- instead of a piece of paper ending up in yet another overfilled landfill.”

“We all need to tread more lightly on this planet if we want it to survive for our children,” concludes Hoffmann. “Working with Sealand, and learning to live its ideal of sustainable living has been a brand defining moment for the Publicis Machine team. We believe that this is the future of communications, and we hope to be able to help our other clients think more sustainability about their brand communications.”

The new store opened on 11 April, at the new Dock Road Junction at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The launch event was very well attended.

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2 May 2019 12:21