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IAB SA partners with Relationship Radar

The IAB SA's latest partnership, with Relationship Radar, illustrates that the promotion of the digital industry in South Africa begins with something as simple and non-technical as relationships.
IAB SA partners with Relationship Radar

The IAB SA has contracted the services of Relationship Audits and Management (RAM) for its Relationship Radar tool. This presents added value to all IAB SA member agencies via the discounted prices being offered. The IAB SA provides a platform for more than 200 members to engage and constructively address digital issues. The provision of Relationship Radar is aligned to this vision.

Positive client-agency relationships are a critical catalyst to digital innovation in South Africa. Clients need agencies to communicate their message effectively across digital platforms, while agencies need clients to trust them to implement campaigns that resound with their target audience as they break new ground. Marketing can only thrive in the digital economy if it has the buy-in and investment of those using it to communicate.

Relationship Radar provides an agency's senior management with a regular snapshot of the health of their client relationships. It enables the business to quickly identify issues and act to resolve problems before they escalate. RAM has recognised that this client feedback needs to be tracked continuously. This allows agencies to tackle small problems before they become big issues and seize potential opportunities. It also enables senior management - who are ultimately accountable for the success of the business - to be closer to each client and privy to issues that usually get stuck in middle management. As one chief executive recently said: "It's the problems you don't know about that get you fired."

Relationship Radar has reduced the feedback process for time-strapped clients and agencies. It has distilled the information required from clients to 11 simple questions: nine quantitative and two qualitative. Clients set up the tool via their PC or smartphone and, in less than five minutes, are able to provide information-rich data that can be analysed by brand, region, client seniority or influence, as well as the agency's account managers. This data is accessed on a user-friendly dashboard and as a full written report.

RAM is offering the IAB SA the opportunity to license the tool and pass this discount on to its member agencies. The prices are based on the number of client respondents and have been adjusted for digital agencies. In addition to the aforementioned benefits of the tool, there is now also opportunity for member agencies to benchmark themselves against other IAB SA agencies on all 11 KPIs.

Contingent upon this discount is the participation of 20 IAB SA member agencies and the contribution of R5,000 each that will then entitle them to the 40% discount. This discount will allow unlimited use of Radar over a three-year period.

The following IAB SA agencies have committed to using Radar to date: NATIVE VML, OgilvyOne/Gloo/Neo and Quirk, with numerous others in the process of joining.

Says Ann Nurock, senior partner: Africa at RAM: "Radar is a tried and trusted tool being used around the world and across Africa with enormous success. It truly delivers the most granular output from just 11 questions where in our Twitter-based lives, time is the scarcest resource."

For more information, contact Ann Nurock on 083 777 2424 or moc.stiduapihsnoitaler@kcorun.nna.

25 May 2015 13:18