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MACHINE toasts another win!

The team at MACHINE is drinking a well-deserved toast to yet another victory, having won the Miller Genuine Draft BTL account in a competitive four-way pitch. This sees MACHINE complete a trio of hot wins after snagging both the Nando's digital account and integrated project work for Adidas.
MACHINE toasts another win!
MACHINE toasts another win!

According to Carmen Hobbs, marketing manager of Miller Genuine Draft, MACHINE won the brand's trust thanks to a combination of good chemistry, proven expertise and consumer understanding:

"We are a team of optimistic hustlers at Miller Genuine Draft and we felt the same energy from MACHINE - a combination of passion, professionalism and the ability to get the job done. We also needed an Agency that not only understands the retail and critical point of purchase environment, but also has clear insight into our consumers' headspace - and MACHINE fitted the bill perfectly."

Cheers to long and mutually prosperous relationship!

16 Oct 2013 11:10