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Ornico unveils financial services insights from 2023

Ornico, a leading research and Brand Intelligence® company, has conducted an extensive study on major banks and insurance institutions in 2023. The resulting report sheds light on marketing, advertising, communications, and social media activities during that period.
Ornico unveils financial services insights from 2023

Key findings include:

Advertising trends:

  • Ten banks and insurance companies were reviewed, collectively launching 3908 new executions in 2023.
  • OUTsurance emerged as the most prolific advertiser, accounting for a staggering 72% of all new executions.
  • The total adspend for the period reached R4,268,106,413, with 414,934 executions tracked across TV, radio, and print channels.

Medium preferences:

  • TV advertising dominated, with the top channels featuring an even distribution of adverts.
  • Clientele and OUTsurance were the predominant advertisers on TV, jointly contributing to 64% of all activity on the top five channels.
  • Radio and print saw OUTsurance as the top advertiser by both ad spend and number of ads, while Assupol focused primarily on TV advertising.

Editorial content insights:

  • Ornico reviewed editorial content related to Old Mutual, Discovery, Sanlam, and Liberty during 2023.
  • 11,265 articles and broadcast clips were analysed.
  • Traditional media reporting highlighted an increase in claims related to load shedding and climate-related disasters for Sanlam, Discovery, Old Mutual, and Liberty.

Insurance industry balance:

Editorial content around the insurance industry was well-balanced, with 92% rated as neutral coverage.

All four major insurers reported strong performance:

  • Sanlam achieved superior results, with a net result from financial services totalling R12.4 billion.
  • Liberty delivered record earnings, higher returns, and increased dividends.
  • Discovery Group demonstrated robust performance, with normalised operating profit increasing by 24%.

Social media conversations:

Ornico’s report also delved into social media conversations surrounding Old Mutual, Discovery, Sanlam, Investec, and Momentum.

Further details on these discussions are available on request.

For more comprehensive insights you can download an infographic here:

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Phone: +27 83 326 2250

About Ornico: Ornico is a trusted partner for businesses seeking data-driven intelligence and strategic guidance. Our research empowers decision-makers to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape effectively.

30 May 2024 11:00