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Workplace evolution 2.0

Much of workplace change is driven by technological advances and ongoing evolution of workplaces and the workforce will continue to be the new norm for the foreseeable future. Let's examine some of the factors that play a role in this evolution.
Workplace evolution 2.0

Multi-generation collaboration

Generations X and Y work together with millennials and baby boomers, and generation Z (born after 1998) is also beginning to join the workforce – a perfect case study in collaboration and innovative problem solving!

Automation of more tasks

Understanding the activities most susceptible to automation from a technical perspective could provide an excellent opportunity to rethink how workers engage with their jobs and how digital labour platforms can better connect individuals, teams, and projects. 

The biggest challenges are the workforce and organisational changes that leaders will have to put in place when automation upends entire business processes, but more specifically, the culture of their organisations.

Improving culture and workplace wellness

Companies are using wellness programmes to lower absenteeism, attract talent, and save on healthcare costs, while employees themselves become more health conscious. This type of investment in staff creates an environment where people want to work and where they feel valued.

Spaces and dress code promote culture

Many workspaces (read ‘open plan’) have been designed for extroverts and their need for lots of stimulation. However, it is important to accommodate both introverts and extroverts in the workplace, so mobile and flexible workspaces need to become the order of the day!

With the increased presence of younger generations, and more employees working remote, there's no doubt that the workplace dress code is increasingly casual.

Augmented and virtual reality to improve recruiting and training

Gen Z and millennials want their companies to incorporate virtual reality into the workplace and the technology that employees are experiencing outside of work naturally influence them to desire the same tech at the office. 

Virtual and augmented reality can help close the experience gap for job seekers and allow employee training to be more engaging, less expensive and free of distractions.

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14 Jul 2021 15:02