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If life and your career is a full-time job and you can't study full-time but you need to learn more to earn more or advance yourself then Wits Plus is definitely for you.
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How can you successfully learn new languages?
Learning any new language takes a lot of dedication, practice and time, but all of that pays off when you are able to express yourself in a new and exciting way. 8 Aug 2022 Read more

Are your language skills holding you back?
Imagine that English is not your first language, that you were taught English through your mother tongue, but that your company or clients expect you to be a proficient English speaker. Imagine that you have to write emails, proposals and reports or do presentations in English, and that your message and tone are misinterpreted - or even called unprofessional - because your writing and speaking skills lack some of the nuances of a first language speaker. 11 Jul 2022 Read more

How short courses align with businesses needs
Formal education has long been considered as essential for growth and opportunity and many individuals opted (and still do) for degrees and postgraduate programmes as a measure of credibility and to ensure affirmative career paths. 13 Jun 2022 Read more

The dynamic 21st century workplace
Many of the changes in the workplace are driven by technological advances, which means that the ongoing evolution of workplaces and the workforce will continue to be the new norm for the foreseeable future. What are the different factors that play a role in this evolution? 23 May 2022 Read more

Manage your time for part-time success
Finding the time (and budget) to study is a great challenge for most people and often means that reaching their full personal and business potential have to take a back seat. 9 May 2022 Read more

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