Eatbigfish launches Challenger ID in Africa with regional partner Delta Victor Bravo

The interactive, digital programme introduces organisations to the dynamic Challenger mindset and behaviours.
Eatbigfish launches Challenger ID in Africa with regional partner Delta Victor Bravo

Eatbigfish, the world’s leading authority on Challenger brands and business, is launching its pioneering Challenger ID programme across Africa. The launch will be supported by specialist strategy consultancy Delta Victor Bravo, which represents eatbigfish in the region. Challenger ID is a scalable, digital programme delivered online and through mobile that introduces organisations to the six key traits of a ‘Challenger mindset’.

“The organisations that have what it takes to adapt to today’s highly disruptive and ever-changing environment are primarily guided by a mindset,” explains David Blyth, Africa Partner at eatbigfish and founder of Delta Victor Bravo. “A mindset consisting of business ambitions bigger than conventional resources, prepared to do something bold. We call this a Challenger mindset, and we call these organisations Challengers.”

Importantly, Challengers are agents of change – and they provide others with insight into the qualities needed to drive progress and flourish amid uncertainty.

With this in mind, and to help more organisations apply Challenger thinking to growth initiatives, positioning projects, brand launches, and innovation, eatbigfish has worked to ‘codify’ what makes successful Challengers tick.

The result of this work, coupled with the belief that any company, team, or person can be a Challenger if they have the right mindset, is Challenger ID. The course comprises an initial assessment of how much of a Challenger you (and your team) are, as well as a series of short videos to introduce the six Challenger traits. Each video is accompanied by simple interactive exercises, and hints and tips that help relate the learnings to what you do at work.

In pursuit of better solutions

“Challengers productively question the status quo in pursuit of better solutions, and align their ambition with their sense of identity and purpose. They’re resilient, tenacious, and resourceful people, able to inspire those around them,” says Blyth. “At eatbigfish, we’re obsessed with and completely devoted to Challengers.”

Established in London in 1998, the company took the name of its ethos, and has since spent over 20 years researching and working closely with over 500 Challenger businesses including Playstation, Twitter and Google.

“The team at eatbigfish have been up close and personal with the founders, leaders, managers and teams who have driven the success of those businesses,” adds Blyth. “The Challenger Project is our evolving study of Challenger brands and how they succeed.”

Notably, eatbigfish has also produced the bestselling business book Eating the Big Fish that showcases ‘eight credos of successful Challenger brands’.

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14 Oct 2020 06:17