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Which brands are 2023/2024‘s most iconic?

The 2023/2024 Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ Insights and Winners announcement will take place on 5 February, 2024, during a webinar at 2pm. This annual benchmark, the largest of its kind, empowers marketers and CX professionals with knowledge and insights that will drive brands’ success into the future.
Which brands are 2023/2024‘s most iconic?

“Brands do more than just satisfy consumers' wants and needs. They become symbols and contribute to the way consumers define their status and their personalities. Some brands become symbols of the nations that created them. They unite us, and are used and loved by our citizens across the country. These are the brands we want to acknowledge and celebrate,” Maria Petousis, executive: TGI and Benchmarks explains.

The Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ measures brand loyalty across 204 product categories. To ensure the robustness of the benchmark, the well-known TGI Survey is used as the base. The survey includes results across 19 sectors, hundreds of product categories and thousands of brands. 24,760 consumers, 15 years and older, were surveyed, representing 28,680,000 adult South African consumers. The data was weighted using the Statistics South Africa’s population mid-year estimates.

The benchmark survey include metrics that CEOs, CFOs and CMOs include in their scorecards as it speaks directly to the heart of measuring marketing ROI. The Ask Afrika Icon Brands™ rewards brands that have not only generated critical mass awareness in their categories but have also built a high level of consumer loyalty.

“South Africans are committed to Icon Brands in a real sense: they put their money where their mouths are. Naturally not all brands reach Icon status. Only 52 Icon Brands were identified. A further 50 brands were awarded platinum status, which means that their total Icon score was at iconic levels, but not across all population groups. Also not all categories had Icon brands, as can be expected,” Petousis concludes.

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Date: 5 February 2024
Time: 2pm to 3.30pm
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