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Homegrown, South African solution driving digitisation in the Seychelles

On 16 July 2021, the government of the Seychelles officially recognised South African secure digital document delivery and e-signature business solution provider Impression Signatures as a provider of choice across the country.
Homegrown, South African solution driving digitisation in the Seychelles

In the Official Gazette of the Republic of Seychelles (Extraordinary) No. 530 of 2021 - published under the Digitization and Publication of Gazette Act - the Seychelles government confirmed that, pursuant to section 22(1) of the Electronic Transactions Act, the Controller recognises Impression Signatures as a Foreign Certifying Authority.

This stamp of approval comes at a time when the world is digitising faster than ever before and notes the progress that South Africa has made in remaining at the forefront of innovation. After a thorough assessment and audit of the Impression e-signature solution, the Seychelles government has found the solution to align with its e-signature laws, while standing up to rigorous security requirements.

“The use of e-signatures in the Seychelles was only promulgated in June 2021, so to already have been gazetted is a wonderful achievement,” confirms Carrie Peter, Solution Owner at Impression Signatures. “We look forward to expanding into this new territory and helping businesses in the Seychelles to embrace digital transformation.”

Homegrown, South African solution driving digitisation in the Seychelles

With a focus on the digital journey, the Central Bank of Seychelles has mandated a swift move to digital solutions for businesses across the country. “In a bid to decrease its environmental impact, while adhering to Covid no-touch protocols, the East African country is driving the creation of a paperless society. With this move it is significantly reducing its carbon footprint and the health risks that passing paper from one person to another can pose,” says Peter.

This drive for digitisation also highlights the dire insecurity of pure data. Less paper means fewer opportunities for data losses, errors, and theft. Peter adds that the advanced security of Impression e-signatures not only prevents data losses, but also ensures that when acquiring signatures from South African businesses, the process is fully compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act.

The key to successful e-signature solutions is ensuring the process of sending and signing documents is convenient, legal, and safe. With a reliable chain of custody, businesses can track how users interact with the documents they need to sign. This delivers improved operational efficiency and compliance, delivering paperless signing for everyone, no matter their device of choice.

19 Aug 2021 16:55