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Work showcase: Kings choose their own labels

By encouraging self-expression, Budweiser's King's Stitch campaign created a movement that rippled across Nigeria, changing societal norms. Isobar's Nneoma Ohazurume tells us more.
Work showcase: Kings choose their own labels

To address the issue of restricted self-expression in Nigeria, we at Isobar Nigeria made it our mission to get real people to tell real stories as part of The King’s Stitch campaign for our client, Budweiser.

The objective of the campaign was to empower the average Nigerian to think outside the confines of our society, and to show them that being a “king” isn’t about conforming to societal expectations and traditional views about gender roles or sexuality. It’s about a mindset that allows us all to be comfortable in who we choose to be.

Using polarising Nigerians, who face opposition every day because of their lifestyle choices, we sparked an uncomfortable conversation on social media. These individuals told their stories to anyone who’d listen, rejected the labels they were forced to wear every day, and chose to be exactly who they wanted to be.

This empowered others to come out and speak their truth. And then, with the help of two of Nigeria’s finest designers (each of whom had fought their own battles relating to their individuality), we created The King’s Stitch Collection.

More than a fashion statement

The King’s Stitch Collection wasn’t just fashionable, it featured elements of participants’ real-life stories. The Collection didn’t only rock the runway, it rocked social media, the streets of Nigeria as well as the fashion industry. The Collection became a beacon of pride for the marginalised.

Due to the controversial nature of the campaign, it was met with mixed emotions. Some absolutely loved the campaign and what it stood for; others were disturbed by it. More importantly, however, the Collection got people talking about societal issues that desperately needed to be addressed.

Half the pieces from The King’s Stitch Collection sold out in less than 24 hours. In just eight weeks, the campaign generated over 141 million impressions, 1.9 million+ video views, 1 million+ engagements on social media and $1.85m+ earned media value.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of the highly successful campaign:

15 Aug 2019 13:05


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