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Work showcase: Digital out-of-home

Yetunde Adegbite, General Manager at Posterscope Nigeria, shares two clients' campaigns that have contributed to the changing face of out-of-home (OOH) in Nigeria.
Work showcase: Digital out-of-home


In a 2018 shopper promotion campaign, Nestlé’s Nescafé got to experience first-hand of some of the potential of direct out-of-home (DOOH). A variety of data touchpoints revealed that mobile is important in the lives of the target group and as a result, key to the success of the campaign. DOOH in some strategic locations were geo-fenced and mobile ads served to the phones of the target-audience users who had seen the ads on DOOH. Embedded in the mobile ad was a link taking the user to Nescafé’s social media channels, where more information about the promo and how to participate was available.

With this campaign, we were able to integrate DOOH, social and mobile. This resulted in increased engagement and a view of campaign content on the brand’s social-media assets we embedded, compared to others not embedded. For the first time, OOH could be measured.


Another example was Diageo’s Johnnie Walker Gifting campaign. The objective was to position Johnnie Walker as the perfect gift for all occasions and to influence consumers’ gifting decision-making. Consumer data showed that our communication would be more relevant on certain days of the week – as a result, we decided to serve ads only on those days using DOOH.

The result? The campaign ran for longer than the initial period budgeted for. Johnnie Walker enjoyed the highest share of voice (SOV) in its category for a share of expense (SOE) lower than that of the brand with the second-highest SOV, namely Hennessy.

In conclusion, the advent of digital billboards has changed the face of OOH in Nigeria and will continue to do so. What’s more, many questions that have so far been unanswered due to lack of data are now being answered, thanks to the digitisation of OOH.

20 May 2019 14:07


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