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Work showcase: using creativity to boost Hyundai sales

When FoxP2 took over the Hyundai South Africa account in 2016, Hyundai was the country's fourth-largest automobile brand in terms of sales. Zetu Damane, Head of Strategy at FoxP2 in Jo'burg, shares the work that made Hyundai SA's third best-selling car
Work showcase: using creativity to boost Hyundai sales

Redefining success

In most societies, success has predefined labels and symbols, many of which are Eurocentric and “unAfrican”, valuing flashiness over substance, the individual over the community, status over meaningful impact. Hyundai wanted to encourage consumers to craft their own personal definition of success, in order to open up a world of new possibilities for themselves. The video that suggested a new way of thinking about success received more than 600,000 YouTube views and sales of the Elantra jumped from one a month to more than 100 a month.

Encouraging new thinking

In many parts of SA, cities are seen as dirty, grimy, dangerous places to live and work. We don’t get out into our cities and enjoy them; in fact, we often fear them. Hyundai wanted to challenge this way of thinking. While most SUV brands have been telling consumers they need to escape the city to reconnect, bond and live life to the full, Hyundai Tucson encouraged consumers to take a fresh look at the possibilities right on their doorstep, with a video that redefined city living.

Showing that playfulness works

Most entry-level cars are aimed at first-time buyers and focus on the freedom that the vehicle affords the newly mobile young customer. Most brands forget about the parents, who often have to finance this freedom… what’s in it for them? Added to this, most brands resort to stereotypes (old, boring fun stealers) when it comes to portraying “the folks”. The i10 videos challenged this tired narrative, and encouraged consumers to think about freedom in new ways.

Turning a negative into something positive

When a brand has a masculine identity, both men and women will often embrace it. Not so when it comes to brands with a feminine identity, especially car brands (this consumer behaviour is referred to in marketing terms as “the pink touch of death”). We decided to challenge this and build the Hyundai Creta as an unashamedly strong, feminine car. Our research showed that in South Africa, women are paid 27% less than men. In line with the Creta’s brand essence, Hyundai offered female consumers a 27% discount on a Hyundai Creta for a day.

The results?

While average YouTube views for Hyundai commercials had barely managed to cross the 300,000 mark, the new ones were averaging around half a million views. The Tucson ad alone has received well over 3,000,000 views. The campaign received recognition from advertising industry experts across South Africa, including the likes of Andy Rice. The Hyundai i10 commercial, in particular, did so well, it had to be pulled off TV as stock of the vehicle was running out!

Which all proves that creativity can indeed be a powerful force for boosting sales.

15 Mar 2019 10:49


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