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And the best DM campaign goes to... Boomtown (again!)

The winning team from l to r: Gary, Andrew, Nick and Jedd
The world's first stethoscope radio ad, the direct mail campaign for Africa Health Placements, an organisation that places doctors from the first world in public service roles across Africa is racking up the awards for its creator, Boomtown Strategy Brand Agency.

The latest is a prestigous Gold, awarded by Ads of The World for April. An initiative that highlights monthly the most popular campaigns from across the globe. The popularity within the peer network is based on a combination of ratings, comments, re-tweets, Facebook submission and other social media factors.

Andrew Mackenzie, Boomtown's creative director said of their work with Africa Health Placements: "It's flattering to be recognised by our peers internationally for this work, especially knowing they're a highly critical bunch. To be able to produce an innovative solution for a great social cause is extremely rewarding."

Targeting medical graduates, the direct mail campaign worked by the recipiant placing their stethoscope on the box, where a pressure sensor activates the advert.

Boomtown MD, Wayne Harrison added: "The execution of this campaign demonstrates the Boomtown philosophy and approach perfectly: creativity melded with strategic thinking to create a big impact. The BOOM. It's a piece of work we're incredibly proud of, and a win we're not afraid to celebrate."

The creative team (pictured) behind the award-winning work consisted of: Andrew Mackenzie (executive creative director), Gary Welsh (copywriter), Tim Jones (art director), Jedd McNeilage (designer), Bryoni Falconer (production manager) and Nick Warring.

8 Apr 2013 12:14


You can see the case study here:?v=Zbl0NrPyqQ4
Posted on 8 Apr 2013 15:46