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Boomtown's Mandela Day success

In the spirit of celebrating Nelson Mandela's 94th Birthday and dedicating this day to his life's work with charity organizations, and the 67 years that he spent fighting for humanity, Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency has uplifted the surrounding community, donated to those in need, and helped animals on this special Mandela Day.
Boomtown's Mandela Day success
Boomtown's Port Elizabeth office came out in full force with all 51 staff members gearing up to revitalize and renew their surroundings, offering support to the Animal Welfare Society and the Holy Trinity Church, by donating food parcels, blankets, pet food and clothes that Boomtown has collected over the past few months. This could not have come at a better time since the recent floods destroyed many homes.

Nine households next to Boomtown were fixed and cleaned up, by mowing the lawns, pruning the gardens, painting the fences and removing and replacing broken windows. The initiative started as a way to beautify the surrounding areas and to create a change within the community, a lasting change.

"Today we have uplifted the lives of 9 empoverished families living on our doorstep, numerous needy children and desperate city dwellers, and wagged the tails of a pack of furry friends. It was our call to action, to embody what we stand for - to create explosive, magical moments that effect change - in other words, to 'Live for the Boom'. With all the other intiatives around the country, we hope this will help ensure that Mr Mandela's legacy is continued", said Wayne Harrison, Boomtown's Managing Director.

This day has the ability to create change within society, and Boomtown has succeeded in doing so with the collective collaberaton and very kind assistance from Earthcote, National Glass, Bridge Street brewery, Roast Master, and DMV architecture.
18 Jul 2012 12:20