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Boomtown sets the wheels in motion for the Qhubeka 5000

Looking for a partner to bring its newest fundraising event to life, Qhubeka approached Boomtown to spread the word and get people involved in the inaugural Qhubeka 5000.
Boomtown sets the wheels in motion for the Qhubeka 5000
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To coincide with the Tour de France, on 15 and 16 July, people can register to ride, be it with friends on the road, in a spinning class or on an indoor trainer. The fee to participate is $10 (around R155 at today’s exchange rate), with all funds raised going towards funding 5,000 bicycles this year.

“Bicycles are given on merit,” comments Qhubeka Executive Director, Sarah Phaweni. “They’re given in return for work towards improving communities, caring for the environment or academic results.

“Bicycles are vital for most of Africa’s rural population as there is no public transport, so many have to walk long distances to access, education, healthcare, shops and community services. With a bicycle people can increase the distances they can travel and the speed they get there, what they can carry and where they can go.”

“It’s exciting to have an agency like Boomtown put its full weight behind putting people on bicycles,” says Doug Ryder, Team Dimension Data Principal. “Our goal to create access to education, health and better opportunities for 5, 000 people with bicycles hasn’t changed so we’re excited about the Qhubeka 5,000. This is an event that we believe will give us the boost we need to meet our goal and change lives with bicycles.

“The tools that Boomtown have created will help the team, riders and staff to share this message in a fresh way and give the riders extra motivation to ride for our cause, Qhubeka."

Using a captive, Tour de France audience, Boomtown’s strategy includes TV and radio adverts and a digital campaign. “We want cyclists to use their hobby to enable communities which need mobilising,” comments Boomtown’s MD Andrew MacKenzie. “By using platforms we know cyclists will be engaged in, we can increase awareness, get donations flooding in, and people to participate. Cyclists like to support their own, and by using one of their passions, we know the community will make a huge difference to the lives of others.”

Registration commences Thursday 9th June, with the Qhubeka 5,000 taking place on 15 and 16 July nationwide on your nearest road, gym and even your living room.

2 Jun 2016 11:31