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Boomtown hires production manager to bring ideas to life

Tanya Phillipson has joined Boomtown as its production manager and is tasked with making challenging creative concepts a reality.
Tanya Phillipson
Tanya Phillipson
Coming with 18 years' experience, Tanya's passion and mission to achieve perfection in realising the creative department's vision for a campaign is tangible "I am very passionate about what I do, and I love the challenges given to me daily. The fact that Boomtown's creativity delivers results means I know I have a role to play in delivering client delight as well as making an impact on the recipient of our creation."

Tanya's role sees her juggling anything from making the never-been-done-before ideas come to life to sourcing and bringing together the best teams and resources to print management and budget setting. "It's the variety I love" added Tanya.

5 Mar 2015 10:56