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Silver Loerie comes to roost at Boomtown

Takes home converted award for its logo 5 and 10 logo design
Silver Loerie comes to roost at Boomtown
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Silver Loerie comes to roost at Boomtown
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The 36th Loerie Awards were held at the weekend, and Boomtown took home its first Silver Loerie for logo design.

It's work for 5 and 10, a 3D rendering company that does after hours work between 5 and 10 at night, was a logo which features intelligent cropping of the 5 so it looks like both a 5 and a 10.

Andrew MacKenzie, Boomtown Creative Director and part of the award-winning team commented on the work saying: "Simplicity cuts through the clutter, and this is what the 5 and 10 logo did. And it makes the viewer think. Smart design, simply executed."

The client needed to make an impact on the architects they worked with, and were pitching to. Architects are creatively minded, and thousands of 3D renderers are in the market and 5 and 10 needed to stand out from the rest. Smart lines and an attractive execution led to the client winning business and getting the attention of leading architects.

"Loeries are the highest accolade in our business, so to be recognised by our peers for our work is highly rewarding, but to achieve results for our clients is even more so. Every entry shortlisted was of a high caliber, so to have converted from a shortlist to a Silver Loerie is amazing." Concluded MacKenzie.

Other Boomtown work that made the Loerie shortlist included:
  • The brand identity for Mohair South Africa so it can compete on an internationally with Woolmark and build on the equity of the luxury fibre
  • Poster design for Hannah's Arms, an organisation which serves babies born into crisis and focuses on their immediate physiological, psychological and emotional needs.

25 Sep 2014 11:46