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Super Goal (Super Maize Meal) expands with Boomtown

Highly refined maize meal is the cornerstone of the South African food industry and also the food staple for many. There is a multitude of brands available - and to stand out from competition is vital for brands, as well as having a good price point.
Super Goal (Super Maize Meal) expands with Boomtown
Popular in the North West province and Gauteng, Super Goal by Noordfed is sold in wholesale and various selected outlets, and is set to see a brand rejuvenation to do just that.

Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency has been charged with increasing brand awareness including point-of-sale work and sales promotions.

"The campaign will be rolled out in the coming months, and will feature distinct communication support, which will make the product stand out, and convey the premium intrinsic differentiators... Super Goal is clearly (visually) a superior, white maize meal; is great tasting; and (when cooked) expands to make substantial quantities. This is a result of the recent world-class Noordfed milling facilities built in Lichtenburg," said Boomtown MD, Wayne Harrison.

21 Oct 2013 11:52


Margaret Matzener
Highly refined maize meal has no nutritional value and is adding to the obesity/diabetes/heart disease epidemic in this country. The more researchers tell us NOT to eat highly refined food - the less notice is being taken by producers.......Highly refined maize meal has no taste and has the consistency and effect of eating polyfiller. WHEN will they wake up......!!!!!!
Posted on 21 Oct 2013 16:12