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IAB SA Transformation Council calls for nominations of new members

The IAB South Africa is calling on members to nominate their industry peers for a seat on the IAB SA Transformation Council.

Chaired by Veli Ngubane, Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer of the Avatar Agency Group, the Transformation Council is tasked with galvanising the industry to embrace transformation through the action of tangible steps that champion diversity and inclusivity.

When adopted and implemented in the right way, diversity has a tangible impact on not only individuals and teams but on the bottom line of organisations too. A recent Deloitte survey found that more diverse companies are six times more likely to be innovative than their less-diverse counterparts, as well as six times more likely to successfully anticipate change. Importantly, more diverse organisations and companies are twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets.

Speaking at the IAB SA’s 2020 AGM, Ngubane emphasised that diversity and inclusion are intrinsically entwined, and if the industry is to facilitate real change, the relationship between the two must be understood. Agencies and organisations often fail to realise that diversity without inclusivity will not drive any meaningful change. “Hiring black people in order to meet a target achieves only part of the job to be done. We need to move beyond that and create a culture where their voices are heard,” he noted.

“A lot of companies are stuck with the number wondering why it’s not showing value – they’ve got diversity, but without inclusivity, there’s no real value. The more inclusive agencies and organisation are, the more they benefit from transformation. The Transformation Council aims to catalyse transformation in the industry by creating access and value within the IAB network.”

“The council facilitates the training and upskilling of young black creatives in the digital marketing industry so that they can participate and contribute to the digital economy. We’re looking for members who understand the need for diversity and inclusion and who care enough about the future of the industry to partake in the transformation conversation. It’s time to take transformation seriously,” says Ngubane.

“Now, more than ever, we need more black people in the industry. One of the effects of Covid-19 has been the marked acceleration of digital adoption thanks to worldwide lockdowns and the new normal of working from home. For example, the US e-commerce sector saw ten years of linear growth in three months.* Our mission is to ensure that young creatives entering the field are welcomed into one that is diverse and inclusive,” he adds.

The IAB SA Transformation Council has continued to contribute to the transformation of the industry through several initiatives that were rolled out this year. These include the launch of the Youth Action Council that serves to increase youth participation in the IAB SA, as well as the lobbying of Government to launch the process of establishing the MAC Charter Council.

The second year of the IAB SA Insight Series saw an additional value of R160,000 of GetSmarter bursaries awarded to young up-and-coming industry members, alongside the announcement of the IAB SA Youth Action Council member and M&C Saatchi Art Director, Tsehgofato Phetlhe, as the new webinar series MC, taking over the role from IAB SA CEO, Paula Hulley. The #FrontRow Initiative was also launched, which aims to increase inclusivity and participation. The initiative provides qualified young black creatives with free access to IAB events and workshops, as well as some of the country’s leading marketing and digital media minds. By inviting budding digital media and marketing students to take a coveted seat at the ‘front row’, the initiative hopes to contribute to the inclusion of tomorrow’s industry greats.

2021 is set to be an exciting year for the Transformation Council with numerous projects in the pipeline. These include the relaunch of the council with a 50/50 gender split and the rolling-out of an annual transformation survey in partnership with relevant industry bodies. The council, as part of their work with the MAC Charter Council, will also focus on increasing reporting and data around transformation targets and achievements of IAB SA members, and in partnership with IAB SA members, will also raise funds for digital media and marketing courses of ten black female students.

The IAB SA is accepting nominations until 13 November, and members will be announced on 20 November. You can access the nomination form here -

*Accenture Interactive US

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30 Oct 2020 12:15