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Johnson & Johnson uses ElastiTab to offer value-added incentives

Johnson & Johnson required an on-pack device that would allow for the easy application of samples, in order to offer a value-added incentive to purchase. The challenge was to identify a cost-effective device that allowed for easy application of these samples, as traditional value-added packs (VAP's) are costly and time-consuming to produce.
Johnson & Johnson uses ElastiTab to offer value-added incentivesPyrotec PackMedia, a leading provider of innovative on-pack solutions, recommended the ElastiTab - a new product offering from the Bedford ElastiTag range. ElastiTag is a range of unique, elasticised hang tags that can be used for labelling, branding and marketing a wide variety of products from produce to cosmetics. ElastiTab is a versatile option for carrying sachets, packets and other lightweight items, securing them to the product. The tab has a pressure sensitive adhesive and a stretchy elastomer loop­, producing an easy-to-apply device for on-pack promotions.

Johnson &Johnson usedElastiTab in conjunction with one of its existing product lines. The company's feedback was that it found ElastiTab to be a great and innovative solution without all the usual complexities involved in developing VAP's. The company also found the device to be effective in attracting the attention of its target market.

Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia, said: "By offering promotional items with an existing product, not only do you have the opportunity to cross-promote two product lines - but you are also providing a value-added incentive for your customer to purchase. PackMedia's ElastiTab is simple, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective device that assists in achieving this, with minimum hassle."

13 Jun 2013 12:40