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Packaging solutions in a throwaway society

Even though packaging is necessary, a lot of products have excess packaging where the information that is needed could be applied directly to the product rather than adding packaging to display necessary information. This could be for instructions, legislated, multilingual or promotional information. The packaging not only adds to the cost of the product but also to discarded waste.
Packaging solutions in a throwaway society

In a time where our throw-away culture has increased packaging waste worldwide, companies are looking for solutions that enable them to provide more and use less. With mounting pressure, packaging is changing.

In the late 1970s Fix-a-Form International’s sister company, Denny Bros UK, combined a printed, folded booklet with a self-adhesive label, and the first multi-page Fix-a-Form® label was born.

These Fix-a-Form® booklet labels, locally available from Pyrotec PackMedia, are a multi-page solution suitable for an array of packaging types. They are ideal for instructions for use, information and promotional labelling, and adding multilingual information.

These innovative self-adhesive booklet labels occupy the same space as an ordinary label but may contain up to 120 pages of extra information. These can be tailored to suit different product needs, supplied in a standard reel format and applied with standard industry labelling equipment.

In South Africa, one of Packaging SA (PSA)’s objectives is to address minimising packaging and paper waste sent to landfill by supporting material reduction, recycling, recovery and other related activities. The vision is to strive for zero packaging and paper waste to landfill.

In pursuit of this aim, PSA’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Plan has a long-term vision in line with SA’s National Development Goals and the global Sustainable Development Goals, of which South Africa is a signatory.

The target for collection/diversion rates will increase from its current 57.1% to 66.9% within a five-year period when the plan is implemented. This compares well to the EU’s target of 65% for all paper and packaging by 2025.

Safeguard your business. Your customers will be thinking about reducing packaging so look to invest now for your future.

25 May 2020 14:14