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Packaging that tells a story

On-pack promotions are one of the most frequently used methods of differentiating products at retail to boost sales, evoke an emotional response and drive brand loyalty.
Packaging that tells a story

With more brands looking to engage meaningfully with consumers by telling their stories, Fix-a-Form® booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia are perfect for communicating large amounts of information on pack. This could include a company’s story, its ethics or vision, or its social responsibility initiatives, for example. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels also offer the space to highlight brand benefits, cross-range promotions, multilingual information, and for running competitions or including inserts, vouchers, scratch-off panels, SMS text promotions, and collectables.

An example of a highly effective promotional campaign that went to market in the UK earlier this year was from Art House Meath, recently renamed Arthouse Unlimited. This social enterprise is a collective of artists living with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities who work with instructors to create artwork that is developed into designer products for sale. Their artwork promotes a sense of purpose, which aligns with Arthouse Unlimited’s philosophy that feeling truly respected improves health and well-being.

A striking 35mm-round eight-page concertina Fix-a-Form® booklet label has been added to the products’ packaging to highlight Arthouse Unlimited’s work. The leaflet is printed on 90g/m² Artpaper and the laminate is 60µm clear gloss.

The clear base label was printed with a small block of colour to match the colour of the booklet, giving an overall circular appearance and improving the all-important visual appeal of the pack. Care was needed to ensure that the bright pink ink used for the leaflet would not fade in sunlight.

The labels are hand-applied to all the products that Arthouse Unlimited produces. Packaging features a letterpress printed paper sleeve and wrappers designed by the artists. The Fix-a-Form® booklet label provides information about this social enterprise and includes brief biographies about some of the people who work there. All funds raised from the products sold are reinvested into helping people with disabilities.

23 Aug 2018 12:46