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Stretching brand awareness

In today's tough economic climate it's never been more important for products to draw consumers' attention, and what better way to do this than by using eye-catching on-pack brand enhancement tools?
Stretching brand awareness
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Timothy Beattie, Pyrotec PackMedia’s general manager points out that packaging plays a key role in the hunt for the holy grail of value. As consumers scan retail shelves, eye-catching packaging that indicates a special deal or competition is bound to be noted. However, the million-dollar question is whether the packaging enhances or decreases the product’s perceived value?

ElastiTag®, a distinctive hang tag available from Pyrotec PackMedia, is ideal for advertising promotions without decreasing a product’s perceived value. In fact, it does just the opposite by taking on-pack promotion to a new level by emotionally engaging with consumers. ‘A multi-dimensional marketing strategy is essential for brand survival, and key to this is on-pack devices used to promote products,’ explains Beattie. ‘In tough economic times, price is important but value for money is fundamental to the consumer’s positive perception of a brand. Value-added on-pack drivers such as competitions or coupons are important, particularly when promoted using a brand enhancement tool such as ElastiTag®,’ Beattie insists.

He adds that ElastiTag® is an active promotional and marketing tool that engages consumers according to their specific needs, it elicits an immediate response through its attention-grabbing design, and ultimately plays a role in sales conversion. These tags are ideal for product launches, product cross promotions, expanding a product’s features and brand identity, announcing awards, telling the brand’s story or providing recipes and tips.

ElastiTag® offers optimised product handling and bending characteristics to increase marketing opportunities. Its elastomer loop is available in a wide variety of colours that can match or contrast the product’s packaging, and it grips the product firmly and stays put, preventing the tag from slipping or tearing off.

To boost overall brand image, only high-quality materials are used to produce this premium on-pack devise. Additionally, to meet the demands of many of today’s eco-conscious brands, ElastiTag® is available in biodegradable options and also provides the opportunity for packaging reduction.

The ElastiTag® range also includes:

ElastiTote® – a creative promotional option for carrying sample products or trial offers. Options include innovative combinations of elastomer loops, tags with perforations, folds, adhesives, slits, and shapes of all kinds.

ElastiTab® – a versatile option for carrying sachets, packets, or other lightweight items. The combination of a tab with pressure-sensitive adhesive and a stretchy elastomer loop provides an easy-to-apply device for on-pack promotions.

ElastiBand® – a unique marketing tool for bundling products, combining value packs, tagging odd-shaped items, or reducing packaging.

11 Jul 2017 16:23