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Selecting the right hang tab for your product

Pyrotec PackMedia is the proud sole SA distributor of Do-It® Hang Tabs. Do-It® Hang Tabs are plastic, self-adhesive merchandise display hangers that can turn almost any packaging into a peg-ready product.
Selecting the right hang tab for your product

Our range of hang tabs includes round hole, slot, flexitab, hook and reinforcer style hang tabs. These hang tabs have varying hang holes to suit almost any product structure, packaging need and weight; and all hang tabs go through harsh testing stages to ensure that they are able to hold the weights of products for weeks in retail environments.

Each hang tab has its own specifications as to what weight it can hold so it is imperative that the correct hang tab is chosen for the weight of your product.

Although we carry a specific range of hang tabs that covers all product structures and weights, there are cases where special needs have to be accommodated. In this case, our sales representatives are more than willing to consult with Do-It Corporation to find the best solution that fulfills your unique requirements, boosts your product's visibility, increases display options, and reduces your packaging costs.

Contact us today for help on selecting the right hang tab for your product!

12 Apr 2017 11:06