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Do-It Hang Tabs - Materials and safety

Do-It Corporation, manufacturers of Do-It Hang Tabs and Display Strips, take all environmental concerns seriously. As a company, they continually look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. From product design, to manufacturing and recycling, Do-it always strives to comply with or exceed environmental requirements.
Do-It Hang Tabs - Materials and safety
Do-It’s main aim is to provide hang tabs that are environmentally friendly and safe for all industries, including the food industry, while providing merchandising solutions that work for their customers’ products.

Some ways in which Do-It Corporation maintains its environmental commitments are:
  • Recovering and recycling all scrap materials, such as plastic and liner paper, that are generated in the production of Do-It Hang Tabs.
  • Ensuring stringent paper and toner/ink cartridge recycling programmes.
Pyrotec PackMedia is proud to be the sole distributor of Do-It Hang Tabs and Display Strips in South Africa, offering the same quality products that Do-It Corporation offers its customers.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising the quality of your packaging and still get your products seen in store, contact us today on 021 787 9600 or az.oc.cetoryp@ti-od for a quotation.

21 Feb 2017 09:40