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Pyrotec PackMedia: A brand you can trust

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Pyrotec has many success stories under its belt - one of which is the Pyrotec PackMedia brand that boasts a 34-year partnership with Fix-a-Form® International, a UK-based company with a history dating back to the 1970s with the invention of Fix-a-Form® booklet labels by Denny Bros.
Pyrotec PackMedia: A brand you can trust
For the pharmaceutical sector, the importance of product labelling cannot be overstated. Because the result of non-compliance ranges from adverse reactions and side effects to possible death, pharmaceutical manufacturers take product labelling very seriously – they need a partner they can trust to ensure that their products’ identification and application guidelines are clear and unambiguous for consumers.

With 50 years’ experience, highly trained and knowledgeable staff, world-renowned equipment, and the capacity to work any hours using multiple production lines, Pyrotec PackMedia guarantees fast turnaround times and exceptional service tailored specifically to customers’ needs.

Pyrotec PackMedia has a proven ability to adapt to its customers’ changing and increasing labelling volumes and, importantly, is ISO 9001-accredited. "Quality, operational efficiency, innovation and communication are our watch words," insists Timothy Beattie, Pyrotec PackMedia’s General Manager. "We are audited regularly by our customers as approved suppliers within their quality management systems, and we’re able to implement Good Manufacturing Practices for Fix-a-Form® booklet labels throughout all our processes. This provides our pharmaceutical customers with assurance and peace of mind," Beattie adds.

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are renowned for their ability to incorporate extensive information in the space of a standard label, and offer the perfect solution for the mandatory information required on pharmaceutical packaging. Additionally, because booklet labels attach directly to the primary packaging, they are far more likely to be read by patients and remain with the product throughout the entire supply chain – from manufacturer to consumers’ medicine cabinets.

Another advantage of partnering with Pyrotec PackMedia is that this brand happily co-exists with Pyrotec PackMark under the Pyrotec banner. Pyrotec PackMark is the company’s machinery division, which supplies a comprehensive range of labelling, coding, print and apply labelling equipment, and consumables. Through the combined expertise of these two brands, Pyrotec’s team of specialists offers a complete concept-to-application service for innovative informational labelling requirements.

"Not only is legislation more stringent, we’re also seeing a demand for increased efficiencies brought on by a bigger, more competitive market. Fix-a-Form® allows us to meet these requirements and help customers to maximise their packaging line speeds," Beattie concludes.

23 Nov 2016 10:03