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Is your food labelling in line with global best practice?

Food manufacturers who focus on the European market - as well as those who wish to keep pace with international benchmarks - are gearing up for more complex labelling requirements under the new EU Food Information Regulation.
Is your food labelling in line with global best practice?

Under this updated legislation, which comes into force mid-December 2016, it will be obligatory for back of pack labelling to carry a more detailed nutrition declaration.

Key changes include:
  • Better legibility of information (a minimum font size must be adhered to).
  • Clearer presentation of allergens (in a way that makes them stand out and easy to spot).
  • Origin information for fresh meat.
  • Listing engineered nanomaterials in the ingredients.
  • Detail on the vegetable origin of oils and fats.
  • Information on defrosted products.
Having to include all this extra information on-pack and ensuring that it is done so in line with the new regulations poses an onerous compliance burden for many manufacturers who are impacted by this new legislation.

At the same time, product owners face the challenge of keeping their branding and product recognisability intact while fitting all the extra information in the required font sizes and formats on their labels.

Fortunately, Pyrotec PackMedia has a smart solution that allows food and beverage manufacturers to include as much mandatory information on-pack as they need to, with minimum brand interference.

Our Fix-a-Form® Informational Booklet Labels provide multiple pages of communication space attached to your product packaging in the existing label area (with minimal impact on your existing production lines). Whether you need to include more nutritional information, cooking instructions, recipe suggestions, safety information or even several languages on one label – it’s possible!

With Fix-a-Form®, you are able to provide your consumers with comprehensive information about what’s in your products and where all the ingredients come from. Not only will you be keeping abreast of international food labelling standards, but you’ll also be positioning your brand as one that is open and honest about how your products are made.

At the same time, Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are compatible with any material including glass, plastic, card and foil, as well as containers of all shapes and sizes.

Find out more. Chat to Pyrotec PackMedia now.

21 Sep 2016 10:16