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Small labels can function as big labels

In the majority of industries, product packaging is a multifunctional device that needs to not only contain and protect a product, but also inform the target market about product characteristics. In many cases, packaging also adds value as a promotional platform by communicating key product benefits, influencing purchase decisions in the shopping environment, and inevitably driving sales.
Small labels can function as big labels

In this context, smaller packs with less labelling space available could put product owners at a disadvantage. Limited labelling space is a hindrance in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries, where labels often need to communicate mandatory information such as dosage instructions, contra-indications and so forth.

Restricted communication space can also be a headache for manufacturers in the FMCG and luxury goods space, including those who want to use their packaging as a marketing platform in order to enhance their brand presence in a cluttered retail environment.

Fortunately, restricted label space no longer poses a challenge for these product owners!
Pyrotec PackMedia develops, manufactures and supplies Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels that enable our clients to increase the scope of their labels without increasing the size of their packaging. We offer Fix-a-Form® for both informational and promotional purposes.

Fix-a-Form® Informational and Promotional Booklet Labels (also known as extended text labels, peel-and-read or fold out labels) offer you a larger printing surface without negatively impacting the size, aesthetic appeal or functionality of your existing packaging.

This enables you to include all the information you need on-pack to encourage the correct or optimum usage of your product and increase repeat purchase. You can also include multiple languages on one label to extend the reach of your on-pack communication.

Marketing teams will love the amount of creative flexibility that Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels offer. Use this innovative solution to bring a marketing campaign to life in-store, promote a competition, run a special offer, introduce a new flavour variant or simply tell a more powerful brand story.

Fix-a-Form® devices are compatible with any material including glass, plastic, card and foil. They can also be tailored to fit securely onto containers of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, labels are supplied on-reel for automatic application using standard label machinery resulting in uninterrupted production lines.
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8 Sep 2016 13:41