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Providing the answers

In the words of Andrew Grove, former CEO and chairman of Intel, "Not all problems have a technological answer, but when they do, that is the more lasting solution."
Providing the answers
It is technology, as well as innovation and efficiency, which form the backbone of labelling equipment from Pyrotec PackMark. Hand-in-hand with these are communication, impact and cost-effectiveness, which sum up products from Pyrotec PackMedia.

Pyrotec PackMark and Pyrotec PackMedia happily co-exist under the Pyrotec banner, particularly when it comes to labelling equipment used to apply promotional and informational labels to FMCG products. Pyrotec offers a complete concept-to-application service and a team of specialists who ensure that customers' packaging gets the desired result.

No matter what your packaging challenge may be - a one-off promotion, an in-store campaign, achieving maximum return on your investment, or legal requirements for on-pack information - Pyrotec has a solution.

Is my packaging suitable for an in-store promotional campaign?

Pyrotec PackMedia's labels can be applied to any container of any shape, size or material using label applicators from Pyrotec PackMark. The company's expert team offers full support when choosing the best promotional product, application method and equipment.

How do I get maximum return on investment from my promotion?

Providing the answers
On-pack communication is always challenging when moving beyond a brand name and design. The volume of information required to communicate the product's benefits and content often reduces the font size and graphics to borderline legibility. However, using either informational or promotional Expanded Content Labels from Pyrotec PackMedia, customers can vastly increase the area used for on-pack communication. What's more, using any of the formidable arsenal of on-pack solutions available ensures that products stand out in the minds of consumers - a sure way to increase sales.

How do I adhere to the legal requirements regulating information displayed on products, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry?

This is easily done if there's sufficient space on labels for the required information without affecting its legibility. An affordable and versatile option is Pyrotec PackMedia's Fix-a-Form® - an extended text label that allows for vast amounts of information in the space of a standard label. These leaflet-labels, supplied on-reel for automatic application, are easy to apply using standard labelling equipment.

I want to provide an on-pack coupon for trialling a new brand. What can I use?

The ElastiTag® product line is an elastomer loop that grips products and stays in place using a durable tag included as part of the device. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ElastiTag's® special features include tactile or scented varnish, scratch-off tape, variable data, and biodegradable or transparent options. Custom solutions are also available. ElastiTag® is also a good option for launching or promoting products, for cross-merchandising, delivering product samples, and sharing instructions, tips and recipes.

I'm running a once-off promotion, do I have to purchase a label applicator?

No. Pyrotec PackMark technicians will assess customers' lines and establish the best unit for their requirements. For once-off promotions, Pyrotec's customers can hire the most efficient unit for the job. By the time a freestanding label applicator is installed, integrated into the line, and training has been provided, customers' labels will be delivered on a reel, ready for application.

Pyrotec specialises in industry-leading product identification products and prides itself on its ability to find a solution to any challenge. The company offers an array of promotional, informational and merchandising products, which is matched by its portfolio of coding, marking and labelling equipment. When it comes to solving customers' challenges, no problem is too big or too small for Pyrotec's specialised team.

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Stephen Giderson
Stephen Giderson
There is indeed a solution to every problem that we face out there. However, not every single one can be applied even if we had hoped for. We have to carefully weigh in on all possible solutions to consider which is the best one yet to be applied to the predicament that we might be facing.
Posted on 25 Feb 2018 06:59