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Pyrotec's end-of-line integration makes production lines more efficient

In today's highly competitive 'time is money' working environment, the ability to reduce costs in the production line, having efficient machinery, eliminating human error and seamless integration of software, provides companies with the competitive advantage.
Pyrotec's end-of-line integration makes production lines more efficient
There are many ways to create an efficient production line, despite the fact that the line has automated machinery, it is not safe from error because of human involvement. For example, most manufactures rely on operators to manually insert important data into the system and it is at this point where things can go wrong. Other key production factors such as reducing packaging costs, optimising product coding activities and meeting the industries' regulatory requirement can be resolved by using centralised data management systems through integrating machinery networks.

Markem-Imaje has a range of coders exclusively distributed by Pyrotec PackMark in South Africa, their developed software systems are designed to reduce the capacity of human error, help save production time and it drastically reduces long term costs. Shaun Pillay, National Sales Manager for Pyrotec PackMark, explains "this software solution, CoLOS®, allows our customers to integrate various equipment networks in one central system to manage and operate all printers throughout the line."

CoLOS® software models offers:
  • Production planners' real-time data on the production process, by linking the production plan through CoLOS® to individual bagging machine printers.
  • Monitor the productivity and efficiency of each machine in the line.
  • Secured selection of data to print, by reducing human intervention, tasks are automated.
  • Helps to avoid the risk of operating errors and provides accurate performance reporting.
This seamless integration system offering from CoLOS® works for diverse industries and supports all production control systems.

The Automotive Industry - A global automotive manufacturer required an automated system for printing two-dimensional barcodes on radiator stacks to help with traceability in the construction process. Using the CoLOS® software the customer's database and production plans were linked. The system was accessibly using the operators ID card, therefore, the work order will be processed and scanned and the system will produce a picking slip - the system will process the information using CoLOS® and the correct template will be populated with the relevant information.

The Pharmaceutical industry - A South African supplier of branded and generic pharmaceuticals needed to manage their information through their track and trace policy, while the internal software used was efficient, the CoLOS® software added data transfer capabilities to update and populate existing labels and templates making the system flawless.

The FMCG industry - A well-known multinational consumer goods company faced numerous challenges with incorrect label printing for their products - resulting in the whole line grinding to a halt - this resulted in the company spending additional money to investigate and rectifying the problem on the labels. Pyrotec's PackMark division offered CoLOS® software to be integrated into the production line. As a result, the software was able to communicate with various systems at the same time, sending the correct templates for printing and recording all transactions to track any trouble shooting.

"The CoLOS® software offers a range of solutions including packaging coding, designing of messages, management of complex labels and codes, the ability to operate multiple printers, traceability software and reporting."

For more information about the CoLOS® software Solutions and Pyrotec's PackMark range of solutions visit


Pyrotec is a privately owned South African company that specialises in providing innovative and top quality product identification solutions. The company's extensive service offering includes on-pack product identification solutions including self-adhesive labels systems, as well as coding and labelling equipment. With a service offering founded on a dedication to quality, operational reliability, and excellent service, the Cape Town based company has a national footprint with centres in major cities across the country. With more than 40 years' experience, Pyrotec has three brands operating under its ambit: Pyrotec PackMedia, Pyrotec PackMark and Tower which includes Toby Tower. The proudly independent company is headed-up by Managing Director, Rowan Beattie. For more info please visit

22 Jan 2015 12:54