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Are you thinking outside the box?

Packaging and labelling forms part of the marketing mix of a product as it affects the buying decisions of consumers. In order for manufacturers to stay competitive in this environment, they need to look at more innovative ways to display and change up their look and feel of the presentation labelling of products.
Are you thinking outside the box?
"Think outside the box," says Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia, a leading South African provider of on-pack labelling and neck-tag solutions. "When evaluating new and innovative ways, the obvious is to change the packaging, but the outer packaging of a product is often the first thing that gets thrown away and consumers are left with the bottle or carton. Labels form an important role in communicating to consumers and serve no purpose if they are loose as they too are likely to be thrown away or lost."

Fix-a-Form® leaflet-labels are securely attached to the product itself and all the needed information is available and easily read on the different panels of the leaflet-label. It looks neat and well presented on the product, it doesn't get in the way during use of the product and the directions for use cannot be misplaced.

The pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food and beverage industries will find Fix-a-Form® leaflet-labels the most beneficial because of the amount of information that is required by law to be clearly visible on each product label.

"There is nothing wrong with loose leaflets," explains Beattie. "But in some instances the efficiency and efficacy of products such as medicines may be enhanced by having the information firmly fixed to the product for any future or repeated use."

Fix-a-Form® leaflet-label is an innovative way to display labels of this nature and it easily fits in with the marketing strategy of a product because the size, look and number of panels can be adjusted in compliance with any product. The information on a Fix-a-Form® leaflet-label can be reduced or information can be added to it at any stage and the labels can be automatically applied to products using standard label machinery, resulting in uninterrupted production lines.

19 Nov 2014 17:02