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Team Toyota tackles the Epic

It's that time of year again when Team Toyota commits to the most challenging mountain bike stage race in the world, the ABSA Cape Epic.

Covering a distance of over 700km through pristine and very challenging terrain in the Western Cape, the 10-man Team Toyota team will put their skills and agility to the test in their sixth consecutive Cape Epic. At the event, which takes place from 27 March to 3 April 2011, the vehicle manufacturer will also support 120 Cycle Lab Toyota Supercycling Club riders.

Riding in his first event for Team Toyota, and no stranger to hard work, gruelling conditions and competitive surroundings is ex-Springbok Rugby player Adrian Garvey: "I'm here because I'm an absolute Toyota nut. I'm not a competitive rider but I love a challenge and as a novice my first goal is to complete the race and represent Toyota as best I can. As the event comes ever closer, I will continue to work hard on my nutrition, mental strength and recovery periods, as I am aware of the challenge ahead."

Another first-time Cape Epic cyclist is Patrick Cruywagen, who has joined the Toyota team as journalist. Patrick will blog about his ride as he takes to the mountains with team member Duncan Vos, the highly successful Castrol Team Toyota racing driver. "I think it's an excellent idea to cover the race from start to finish and have the opportunity to illustrate to those at home the extent to which these cyclists are put to the ultimate test."

Team Toyota tackles the Epic
Team Toyota tackles the Epic
Team Toyota tackles the Epic
Team Toyota tackles the Epic

With Toyota as the official vehicle supplier of the Absa Cape Epic for the third consecutive year, one may be fooled into thinking it an easy ride. Watching the vehicles cover the hazardous terrain is as exciting as the race itself as Toyota employee and team member, John Thompson confirms: "Our vehicles are built to cope with these conditions so there's no worry there. We can only hope that our team step up a gear when required and perform as well as our machines!"

Says Calvyn Hamman, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Toyota South Africa Motors: "The ABSA Cape Epic offers us an opportunity to showcase our vehicles on the gruelling route traversed by these tough mountain bikers. More importantly, we find that this race, with its extreme challenges and emphasis on teamwork, resonates well with the culture in Toyota. We wish all the team riders, including those under the banner of our partners at Cycle Lab, the best of luck with this exciting challenge."

The race is designed to test mental and physical stamina and one's ability to operate the bike over challenging landscapes for a period of eight days. This year Toyota exhibits a highly competent team of cyclists who aim for a podium finish.


Team 1: Danie Smit and Kobie Pruis

Team 2: John Thompson and Duncan Bowman

Team 3: Adrian Garvey and Brian Osborne

Team 4: Gary Merescia and Bruce Diesel

Team 5: Patrick Cruywagen and Duncan Vos

Written for and on behalf of Toyota by Caroline Malan of MSCSPORTS - az.oc.stropscsm@enilorac or 082 904 6848.

25 Mar 2011 11:38