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#BehindtheCampaign of 'Have You Heard' - a TVC for Spotify Kenya by Machine_

In May 2023, South African creative-solutions agency, Machine_, launched its first film for Spotify Kenya as part of their African Monthly Active User campaign, to increase awareness and showcase the plethora of African music available on Spotify - now over 100 million songs!
#BehindtheCampaign of 'Have You Heard' - a TVC for Spotify Kenya by Machine_

Here’s some #BehindtheCampaign info and insight into the overall integrated campaign.

“‘Have You Heard?’ – How often do we hear these words when friends are keen to share their latest track on repeat?” says Sithabile (Star) Kachisa, head of marketing, Spotify Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We all love running to our friends to share with them the hottest jam we’ve just discovered. And, thanks to Spotify, this happens very often,” explains Mantwa Toka, senior art director at Machine_ Johannesburg. “With new songs to discover daily, you’ll never run out of tunes to put others onto,” she says.

“Discovering and sharing music is such a core part of our listening experience and through discovery, you open your world to new tracks, new artists and new genres,” adds Star.

This was the insight behind the storyline for the Spotify Kenya TVC. It kicks off with the first line: “Have you heard ‘Dancehalling’ by Uncojingjon?”.

“In the TVC, we see how everyone has an artist they want to put others on to. But those others also have their own artist or song that they want to share. It becomes a never-ending story of people trying to one-up each other with great music to discover,” explains Mokgethwa Machaka, senior copywriter at Machine_ Johannesburg.

The film features people from the cityscapes of Nairobi to the ports of Kisumu, showcasing how Spotify connects the whole of Kenya. “With a large cast, dynamic wardrobe and incredible sets – as well as street-cool humour – Spotify’s ‘Have You Heard’ commercial grooves along at a rate guaranteed to get everyone’s feet moving and fingers tapping,” says Mara Diavastos, business director at Machine_Johannesburg.

“A massive thank you to the incredible creative, production and media teams that made it all happen Machine_ , Spitfire Films and UM Africa. Our indomitable director duo, AK & JT, Mara Diavastos, Tafadzwa (Muzuwa) Penny, Matthew Barnes, Mantwa Toka, Mokgethwa Machaka, Arthur Seruga and so many, many more. It takes a village,” says Star.

17 Aug 2023 12:41