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Celebrating the success of 3RC's brand partners for 2024

In a digital era where connection and engagement are paramount, 3RC, renowned for their innovative approach to youth marketing, has been making waves in South Africa by focusing on the country's dynamic and vibrant youth. With their flagship initiatives, the Live Rocking Future Career Expo and the 3D immersive online platform, 3RC is not only staying connected with the youth but also assisting brands in enticing and inspiring them.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, staying connected with the youth of South Africa is not just a choice but a necessity. Understanding this, 3RC has positioned itself as a bridge between brands and the country's youth, aiding these brands in crafting strategies that resonate with the younger generation.

Celebrating 3RC’s brand partnerships for 2024

In 2023 and heading into 2024, 3RC successfully entered into strategic partnerships with brands that are keen on targeting South Africa's youth. Among these brands are Oxy Skincare, Staedtler, Playboy, and Playgirl, all of which share a common goal of connecting with the country's dynamic youth. What's remarkable about these partnerships is that 3RC offers these brands a comprehensive 360-degree marketing approach.

Celebrating the success of 3RC's brand partners for 2024

The Rocking Future Career Expo

At the heart of this marketing approach is the Live Rocking Future Career Expo, a flagship event that brings brands face to face with the youth of South Africa. Here, these brands can directly interact with their target audience by displaying their ads and offering free products to select learners. This exchange not only raises brand awareness but also nurtures brand loyalty and trust among the youth, setting the stage for lasting relationships.

As a crucial component of the Rocking Future Career Expo, 3RC also features ads from these partner brands in their annual FutureGuide Magazine, distributed to learners attending every Career Expo. This multifaceted approach ensures that the brands are reaching the youth at various touch points along their journey of discovery, establishing a strong brand presence.

Celebrating the success of 3RC's brand partners for 2024 The Digital Frontier, 3RC's innovative 3D immersive online platform, is where the magic happens for Oxy Skincare, Staedtler, Playgirl, and Playboy Deodorant. Each brand has its own unique Pod within Swiwel, accessible to every visitor to the website. These Pods are meticulously designed to align with each brand's image and offer the target audience an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional advertising.

What sets Swiwel apart is its ability to enable brands to connect with their target audience in a meaningful way. It provides a digital space where the youth can engage, interact, and learn more about the brands in an environment that speaks to their preferences and interests. With the virtual 3D immersive experience, brands are not just presenting their products; they are creating a lasting impact.

Celebrating the success of 3RC's brand partners for 2024

As we look ahead: An exciting future of possibilities

With the successful partnerships of Oxy Skincare, Playgirl Deodorant, Playboy Deodorant, and Staedtler for 2024, these brand partnerships not only demonstrate the brands' commitment to engaging with the youth but also 3RC's ability to bridge the gap between South Africa's vibrant youth and the brands that aim to inspire them.

As 3RC set their sights on 2024, the possibilities are endless. The partnerships formed between 3RC and these brands are committed to nurturing and inspiring the youth of South Africa. Whether through the Live Rocking Future Roadshow, the FutureGuide Magazine, or the immersive world of, the 360-degree marketing approach ensures that these brands will remain at the forefront of the youth market.

For more information about the above contact Kay Cheytanov- az.oc.cr3@yaK

2 Nov 2023 09:47