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3RC is a youth marketing and edutainment company. Our roadshows, videos and publications bring quality educational and marketing objectives together to reach the school-age market.
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Harnessing the power of youth: The future of brand marketing
In today's dynamic marketplace, where change is the only constant and innovation is the key to survival, one demographic stands out as a beacon of opportunity: the youth. Their energy, creativity, and unyielding spirit shape not only the present but also the future of brands across South Africa. Understanding their importance isn't just savvy marketing; it's a strategic imperative for any brand aspiring to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer preferences and behaviours. 3 Jun 2024 Read more

3RC kicking off 2024 on a high note with Rocking Future Career Expo and Swiwel's exciting upgrades
Youth marketing specialists blend education and entertainment to inspire high school students nationally. 20 Feb 2024 Read more

Celebrating the success of 3RC's brand partners for 2024
In a digital era where connection and engagement are paramount, 3RC, renowned for their innovative approach to youth marketing, has been making waves in South Africa by focusing on the country's dynamic and vibrant youth. With their flagship initiatives, the Live Rocking Future Career Expo and the 3D immersive online platform, 3RC is not only staying connected with the youth but also assisting brands in enticing and inspiring them. 2 Nov 2023 Read more

Unveiling the advantages of private tertiary education in South Africa: A pathway to success
Private tertiary education has emerged as a pivotal player in shaping the academic and career journeys of South African students. Private tertiary education offers a range of benefits that enhance the quality of education and prepare students for successful careers in diverse fields. With an increasing number of students opting for this avenue, it's imperative to understand why private tertiary education in South Africa is gaining such traction. 29 Sep 2023 Read more levels up with gamification approach
Youth marketing specialist, 3RC, has launched Swiwel 2.0, an improved take on their online portal. The platform continues to showcase tertiary education institutions all in one place, but with the added twist of tapping into the youth psyche of instant gratification, gaming, metaverses, and more. 15 Feb 2023 Read more

#BizTrends2023: Connecting with the disconnected youth. 3RC's learnings for brands
The youth are more disconnected than ever before. Cocooned in a bubble of social media, music, and podcasts but increasingly isolated from what's happening around them, their feelings, social connections, and brands. 9 Jan 2023 Read more

Studying while you work is possible...
Working and studying at the same time is totally possible. Not only does allow you to earn an income while you further your career, but it also offers you a way to put your learning into practice and gain valuable experience. Embarking on any learning journey can be scary. Kay Cheytanov,, CEO and Founder of 3RC talks about how you can make your studying dream and reality with a few tips on how to study while you work and make it a success. 12 Oct 2022 Read more

3RC youth marketing company engages over 100,000 youth annually through 360 approach
3RC is a company passionate about seeing the youth of South Africa educated, motivated and inspired. Founded by Kay Cheytanov in 2001, 3RC incorporates education, performance and digital engagement, bringing together brands, marketers, social investors, and educators to provide the youth with the information they need to make informed decisions about their future. 1 Sep 2022 Read more

Doing it all - what it took to get here! A letter to all young entrepreneurs
When I started my business 21 years ago, I genuinely didn't think I was starting a 'business'. I was simply following my passion and looking for a way for it to pay for itself - and for me. 5 Aug 2022 Read more

Tips to finding your career path in a world of choice
What the ups and downs of the last two years should have taught us is that we are all Global Citizens, and that the need to be bound to any one fixed building in order to get a good qualification and build a thriving career is no longer as relevant. 6 May 2022 Read more

3RC launches world first, 3D Immersive Career Expo - Swiwel
3RC, the leading career expo company in South Africa has launched Swiwel, the world's first 3D Immersive Career Expo. This ground-breaking and engaging experiential platform is expected to host 50,000 visitors over the next 12 to 18 months. 26 Jan 2022 Read more

Online Career Expo levels the playing field for students around SA
For over 20 years, 3RC has pioneered tertiary education awareness at a high school level through their Rocking Future Career Expos. Over the years, they have worked diligently to expose Grade 12 students in South Africa to more study choices, career options, the various philosophies of success, and many of the leading private colleges in the country. But then Covid-19 struck, and the company had to quickly pivot if they were going to continue with their motto to Educate, Motivate, and Inspire the youth of South Africa. 7 Dec 2021 Read more

College would have been easier if only I had known to...
There's no doubt about how thrilling the 'college years' are. It's a time of discovery, figuring out your identity outside of school, and of course, learning all that you can so that you can prepare yourself for what you want to get out of life. It's really only when you look back on this time, a few years later, that you can see the value of your tertiary education. And how you might have done things differently to truly get the most out of this experience. 6 Dec 2021 Read more

10 things you should know about applying for private and public tertiary institutions
This is an exciting time of life. Matriculating, leaving high school, and taking your first steps into your next adventure. It's an especially crazy time if you want to study further and are applying for the course that will unlock your future success! While you're in the middle of deciding exactly what it is that you want to study and where you want to study, it's essential that you understand the application processes involved. 11 Nov 2021 Read more

3RC announces winner of 2021 Rocking Future Virtual Career Expo R20,000 cash prize
The past year has seen many firsts for 3RC, from our first live shows during the Covid-19 pandemic and our first virtual expo to our first virtual competition winner. 5 Nov 2021 Read more

Three Ring Circus' flagship production - The Rocking Future Roadshow - has completed its nationwide tour for 2011. The show visited over 200 schools between January and May and was watched by a staggering 30 000 Matrics around the country. 10 May 2011 Read more

Youth edutainment company Three Ring Circus (3RC), the brains behind the successful Standard Bank Rocking Future Roadshow, has enlisted Sunday newspapers City Press and Rapport as their new media partners. The 10-month deal will see 3RC provide weekly expert opinion concerning youth matters in the Careers24 supplement of both papers. The supplement holds the accolade of being the most read career guide in the country. 14 Jan 2010 Read more

Local edutainment company Three Ring Circus' (3RC) successful flagship project, The Standard Bank Rocking Future Roadshow, will be teaming up with Ster-Kinekor Theatres for their 2010 tour. The Roadshow, which will visit over 30 000 Matrics between January and May next year, will be launching a new initiative - ‘10 weeks of giveaways' - which will see learners walk away with fantastic prizes. Ster-Kinekor Theatres will be providing hampers in this regard, ranging from movie merchandise to PlayStation® games. 26 Nov 2009 Read more

Grade 12 pupil Sehume Aleta of Townsview High was the lucky recipient of R10 000 when she was selected as the winner of the Standard Bank Rocking Future Roadshow draw on Friday 12 September. The Roadshow, which visited Krugersdorp in April, uses a blend of music, video and giveaways to portray a positive image about tertiary education study choices. 18 Sep 2009 Read more

Standard Bank has taken over as the primary sponsor for the Rocking Future Roadshow for 2008, the long-running show that introduces Grade 12's around the country to possible study streams. 21 Mar 2008 Read more

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